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Sara Hoseingholizade
Education System for Indigenous People
The indigenous people pure culture and language is attracting a lot of people. Not to mention its prominent role in environmental and cultural issues. Lack of facilities and ignoring the importance of education leads to a weak education system for indigenous people. In order to preserve their culture and make them capable enough to keep...
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No more MAss Tourism
Have you ever wondered to travel differently? Or travel to less touristic sites? Are you tired of the crowded touristic sites? Have you ever looked for a neverland where everything is yet untouched? Where there is no showing off and people are only living their lives. Well, Alternative Travel is just what you are looking...
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overcrowding in tourism
“People leaving behind all the unique stories, skills, traditions, and sceneries for economical issues and joining a community to which they don’t belong”. This is definitely a truly sad story happening almost every day in a corner of the world. As time passes, environmentalists and cultural anthropologists become more concerned about cultural diversity which is...
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Kuch A Perfect Photography Spot
Seeking for untouched yet eye-catching photography spot is one of the concerns of photographers. Photographers are searching for locations at which they can bring creativity. Iran has so many ideal destinations for photographers which offer a unique subject, history, culture, characters, to sum it up great for photography destinations. Nomads of Iran are an indigenous...
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Sabzeh- Nowruz - Persian New Year
Nowruz /noʊˈruːz/ or also known as Eid (meaning New Year) is a rich Iranian Culture that begins with the advent of spring. In 2010, the United Nations has formally recognized it as an International Holiday. As described in Iranian Cultures and Traditions, there are plenty of rituals before and after the arrival of Persian New Year. People in Iran,...
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Spilling Water after a passenger
Every country is featured with its culture and traditions. Having a very rich history and culture, there are plenty of original Iranian Cultures and Traditions which can be quite attractive and new for tourists and culture lovers. Except for the religious ceremonies, most of the rest belong to the pre-Islamic Iran and Zoroastrianism. Chaharshanbe Soori...
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Tlingit Tribe - Hunter Gatheres
Nomad is defined as a member of a community without a fixed habitation. They regularly move between the same areas. There are three types of nomads around the world: hunter-gatherers, pastorals, and thinker/trader nomads. Bakhtiari Nomads Nomads are known for their migration. They migrate periodically in a year so that they will be back to...
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Sustainable Tourism Commitments
Since tourism is one of the world’s fastest-growing industries and a great source of income for many countries and people, it can cause its shares of problem. Cultural heritage loss, ecological degradation, and economic dependence are some to mention. The good news is that Sustainable Tourism offers new ways of travelling. Being a responsible traveller...
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36 Tips You Must Know before Travelling to IRAN - an ultimate guide to Iran
Iran is a large county with so many different cultures and ethnic groups. To have a better understanding of a country you are going to visit, it is better to get acquainted with all the musts and mustn’ts. This article is a complete guide and we provide all the tips you must know before travelling...
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Wellness Tourism
Recently, the wellness industry has expanded into the tourism industry. Wellness Tourism is a new trend in tourism where people can get a chance to reconnect with nature and their inner souls. In this article, we will first define wellness tourism. Then we will be focusing on its features and top destination in this industry....
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