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Mohammad Kolahian

Mohammad Kolahian- Iran Nomad Tours

Mohammad Kolahian

Operation Manager


A life-long traveler, Mohammad Reza has always been on the move. He has been in almost all cities of Iran especially in not-so-often-visited places. That’s why looking at the marked spots in his Google Maps is an inspiring thing to do: A map of Iran and so many marked spots in three colors; places he’s gone in a group, places he has tried alone, and his wish list which are his list of Iran’s must-sees. The history of his travels goes back to when he joined an Iranian NGO helping the locals in remote villages. He went to less-traveled areas and got to know more & more about the local communities and their untouched culture. His stories of his travels and his adventurous nature have made him a perfectly suitable person to let the travelers get the most of their experience in Iran.

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