Nomadic handbag


This Nomadic pattern has a deep cultural meaning. It represents strength, leadership, and courage.


Are you in a mood to go on an adventure? Don’t forget your Kise bag! This handcrafted Nomadic bag is created by the delicate hands of Bakhtiari women. All bags feature unique designs inspired by nature.

Keep in mind that when Nomads weave their art pieces, they do so spontaneously, following their creative inspirations. So, you can be sure that your handbag will be one of a kind!

Light and convenient, it will surely become a staple on your adventures.

Material: 100% sheepskin wool, organic dye

Dimensions: Custom size

Zipper: Upon request

Color: Black & White

Care: Dry cleaning or hand wash with gentle shampoo in cold water


All items are custom- and handmade. Nomads will create them according to your orders and preferences in sizes and/or colors. All orders will be shipped within 3 months.

How to order custom-made items:

1. Choose the item you like

2. Add it to your cart and head to checkout and payment

3. For custom- and handmade items, look through different designs, and tell us your preferences (and size if needed) in chat or via email.

4. Your order will be ready and shipped within 3 months

If there is any problem or you have any question, get in touch with us via chat or email.