Travel Guide Infographic-Nomads Odyssey-Iran Nomad Tours

7 nights migration, which is our most famous and unique tour we offer for a glimpse of an ancient lifestyle almost lost in history. Groups are always 3 to max 4 people for each Kooch.



Travel Guide Infographic-Exotic Persia-Iran Nomad Tours

A 22-day trip, a pefect combination of all travel types: Nomads, Nature, Heritage & Culture; taking you through the main cultural cities of Iran plus less touristic attractions and rural districts.



Travel Guide Infographic-Nomadopedia-Iran Nomad Tours

A true nomadic adventure, Nomadopedia is a fantastic way to connect with the diverse nomdic culture as we’ll go to 3 nomadic tribes, explore some spectacular sites of Iran & savour the natural beauty of remote locations like the 12000-year-old troglodytes village of Maymand.


Discovering Bakhtiari Villages

Travel Guide Infographic-Discovering bakhtiari culture-Iran Nomad Tours

A few nights of visiting 2 or 3 small villages where the tribes live and work. This is our best seller tour and slightly easier than Nomads’ Odyssey. You get to live with the nomads and see their lifestyle and day to day routines.