Nomads' Odyssey



Trek the famous Zagros mountain ranges in the wilds of the Bakhtiari hinterlands on this 7-day hiking and camping adventure. Your path follows the ancient nomadic pathways accompanying a Nomad family in their seasonal migration. Experience the panoramic view of Zagros mountain ranges when you reach the peak, witness Nomads epic migration, and enjoy a stay in Nomadic Tents. Explore the nomadic trails the best way possible on this 7-day trek!



Exotic Persia



There is no way to describe this trip other than ‘fill immersion’. It is a new way to explore Iran and Persian culture. The pefect combination of all travel types: Nomads, Nature, Heritage & Culture. You have a 22-day tour package taking you through the main cultural cities of Iran plus less touristic attractions and rural districts. Visiting the authentic Nomads of Iran & living a nomadic life for some days can be quite fascinating. In this trip, we provide three main benefits: 1- Epic Kooch Migration with Bakhtiari Nomads across the pristine Zagros Mountains.  2- Discovering the magnificence of Iranian nature in different locations. 3-Visiting the world’s most beautiful cities which are true testaments to the grandiosity of human creativity.






Spend about two weeks traveling across Iran on this true nomadic adventure. Discover Iran’s Nomads’ rich history, culture & heritage while ‘Migrating’ with the Nomads. You will hike, camp, and live with 3 different types of Nomads as you learn what nomadic life is like among Iran’s main Nomad Tribes. This 14-day trip also takes you through Isfahan and Maymand before ending in Shiraz where you will visit the last group of Nomads.and enjoy a stay in Nomadic Tents. Explore the nomadic trails the best way possible on this 7-day trek!



Authentic + Classic



Within the majestic Zagros mountain ranges lives a group of authentic people who are nomads of Iran. They have always been in the mountains like their ancestors, for the mountains are sacred. During the first week, we join these indigenous people of Iran to accompany them in their seasonal transhumance. We then join the classic route to visit some of the main cultural centers. This tour combines the less-traveled roads with the most popular route in Iran which makes it a perfect two-week adventure.!



Essence of Persia



The perfect summer adventure! “Essence of Persia” Tour is the best way to explore Iran in generally hot weather. You will go to the majestic North of Iran. The green land of stunning UNESCO Heritage sightes, culture, strong yet gentle Northern people, and the most delicious food ever. Smaller historical cities, remote mountain villages, churches on mountain tops, luch greenery with hot water springs … If these locations intrigue you, “Essence of Persia” is the travel package you must experience!