Zagros Mountains

Hiking Keyno Peak and a Night with Tembi Lake Nomadic Family

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An interesting experience of hiking in Zagros mountains while spending a night with a nomadic family and exploring villages around

In this tour we will have a hiking part which climbing up Keyni peak, having a night with a nomadic family and exploring nomadic villages at the end. We start from Isfahan straight to the trekking start point. After two days of hiking, we will reach a nomadic family beside Tembi lake. We spend the night with them while listening to their stories. Early in the morning going to shepherding or milking goats. For the last two days, we will explore some nomadic villages by car and finally, we come back to Isfahan.

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Our partner | Mr. Soleimani

nomadic stories - the one with tarof

Ali Asghar Soleimani, 30 years old, is from the Amsemali clan of the Bakhtiari tribe. For several years he had left to the city to find work and only returned recently when he was offered a position as the caretaker of a half-finished dam built close to his village. His wife is also from the Bakhtiari tribe but grew up in the city of Dezful. The transition from city to village life is a big change for her. They have two daughter and one son. The eldest daughter attends school in their village. Mr. Soleimani is very creative and is looking for innovative ways to improve life for him and his family. On one of our trips to Mount Keno and Tembi Lake, we met him and his realtives as we were about to begin the first day of our hike. His relatives brought us delicious and freshly made doogh and he himself quickly volunteered to accompany us on the hike. Mr. Soleimani’s father is a shepard and migrates between the villages of Lebd and Leero, which is part of the route we take on our tours. Throughout our journey together, he taught us a lot about the region and the nomads that migrate here.His presence on the hike brought us many interesting stories and also much needed smiles of encouragement when the climb got tough. He is now one of our local partners who, on top of having an additional income to support his family, is helping us in our fight to preserve nomadic culture and prevent the financial pressure that causes nomadic families to move to urban areas.

Mr Soleimani The nomadic stories
At the end of our trip, where we had enjoyed eachother’s company and were very happy to have met each other, he showed us a wooden stick that had been beautifully polished after many hours of hard work. Out of respect for us, as his guests, he offered this wooden stick to us. We happily accepted the present and said goodbye to Mr. Soleimani and his family. However, when we told this story to another local, he suggested that this was simply a tarof that Mr. Soleimani had made. Tarof is a type of ettiquette very common in Iranian culture where out of politeness you might offer to give something you do not want to give up. In return, the other person should refuse and therefore nothing is given up in the process. We called Mr. Soleimani to apologize about the misunderstanding but also joked with him that he should not make tarof with foreigners. Let’s just say that this was his first lesson in our Nomad Tours training course 😉

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Hiking Keyno peak and a night with Tembi lake nomadic family

Start: Isfahan
Destination: first camp in Keyno
Early in the morning we start driving from Isfahan to Shahr-e-kord and villages in the mountains. We pass some mountains in Zagros ranges and seeing the beauty of the nature that nomadic families are living in. We have about 5 hours driving from Isfahan to the point we start trekking. Then we have 5 kilometers trekking with almost 1300 meters height. It will take us 5 hours to stand for the night in a camping tent.
Accommodation: In a rural house in nomadic area
Breakfast: in Isfahan or Shahr-e-kord
Lunch: local food in Mavarz
Dinner: simple and easy-made food
Transportation: 4WD car
Start: First camp
Destination: Tembi lake
We get up early in the morning and after eating breakfast, we start trekking on top of the Keyno range, which is one of thee Zardkuh ranges. During trekking we have a wonderful view to the places that Bakhtiari nomads are living and migrating. In this day we will have a totall 20 km trekking with losing 1300 meters height. It will take us around 10 hours to reach the Tembi lake (called Shatte Tembi) which we stand for the night. There we meet some nomadic family and we spend the night talking and eating with them.
Accommodation: In a rural house in nomadic area
Lunch: simple and easy-made food
Dinner: Local food
Transportation: -
Start: Tembi lake camp
Destination: Gazestan village
We start the day just like a nomadic family by morning shepherding and milking goats and sheeps. After eating breakfast with the family, we say good-bye and continue our trekking part of the tour. We have about 12 km to trek while going down for 1100 meters. After 4 hours trekking we get the Dez river where the car is waiting for us to continue the tour by our 4wd car. We pass some nomadic villages and observe natural beauty. For the night we stay in Mavarz city in a rural house and have some home-cooked food. Just recovering for the past three days activity.
Accommodation: In a rural house in nomadic area
Lunch: at a restaurant
Dinner: easy-made food
Transportation: 4WD car
Start: Sar-agh-seyed village
Destination: Keyn (A nomadic village)
What we do during day 1?

Sar-aga-seyed is a stepped village in the middle of Nomads migration way just after passing Zardeh mountain range. Zardeh has been the highest and hardest part of each nomadic migration. From thousands of years ago, when the nomad families past the Zardeh mountain range they could rest or buy stuff from this village. From this village, you will have a fabulous view of the Zardeh mountains.

In the morning, we will hike for 15 minutes and visit a salt mine near the village. Then, we continue trekking the traditional route of the nomads’ migration for an hour to arrive at a pretty waterfall. After a short visit we will get back to the village.

Around noon we will leave Sar-agha-seyed village and drive for an hour to Khoye village.

We will stop for a while in a rural home, in Khoye village, and then continue the way to pass some villages like Chin and Sar-e-saleh.

At 15:00, we will drive for 2 hours on a dirt road to Keyn village. Keyn is where we meet the nomad family with which we want to spend the night. We will stay the night with this family and have a talk about their life-style, traditions, etc.

Accommodation: In a rural house in nomadic area
Lunch: Local food
Dinner: Local food
Transportation: 4WD car
Start: Keyn (A nomadic village)
Destination: Tehran
What we do during day 2?

In the morning the nomads will wake up about 5:00 am. We can wake up with them and participate/experience (shortly) the nomad lifestyle by walking with the shepherd, baking bread, milking or any other activity in their routine life.

Then we will have breakfast and leave the nomadic village and continue our way through the protected area of Poshtkouh and enjoy the forests of oak tree.

We have lunch in Baznavid village and visit an ancient cemetery known as lion’s cemetery. The name comes from the graves that have lion’s status. These lions are as a symbol of bravery nomadic heroes.

At the end, we will visit the 70 meter high waterfall of Absefid (whitewater).

After this, we drive 4 hours to Isfahan or 6 hours to Tehran.

Lunch: Local food
Dinner: At restaurant
Transportation: 4wd car

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