Cycling Trip, Off the Beaten Track in the Bakhtiari Lands




Cycling beside springs of the Dez river + staying with the nomads

In this tour, you can deeply enjoy the Original Nature of the Zagros Mountains. Near the springs of Dez River you will be in touch with one of the handfuls of remaining nomad tribes in the world and also it will be a unique mountain cycling experience. Be aware that, to be able to participate in this tour, you should have adequate knowledge and ability in cycling. We will have a backup car in case of exceptions or any emergency.

*Please note that we provide small group tours (max. 4 travelers). If you are traveling with a group or you have any special requirements or you just need to customize your itinerary, feel free to contact us via

*Bicycle hire is not included in your trip price. If you don’t have an appropriate bicycle, please inform us at the time of booking so as we can organize a suitably sized bike.

Mr assad allah bakhtiari nomads

This is Mr. Asad-Allah, a Bakhtiari man living with his wife, his daughter son in law and their children, his son and younger daughter.
Bakhtiari nomads family


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CYCLING TOUR off the beaten track in the nomads land

The tour starts at 7:00 AM, by driving from Tehran with a car. After 5-6 hours of driving we’ll reach and visit the stunning Absefid (white water) waterfall with it’s 70m high drop.
After heaving lunch near the waterfall, we will continue by car down the road for about 15 minutes, and then we will start riding our bicycles in a slope down asphalt road. In 30 minutes we will arrive to Baznavid village. There you will visit an ancient cemetery known as ‘Lion’s cemetery’, because of lion-like statues on these graves.
After Baznavid village we will cycle for another 3 hours uphill and around 19:00 we will arrive to the place where the Nomads tent is placed.
During the night and the next morning we will have time to discover the area and experiance nomads lifestyle. Experiencing of making bread, milking, shepherding, etc.
This day we should cycle about 40 kilometers in a dirt road.
We will pass by few villages like Chin and Sar-Saleh. We will have lunch in Sar-Saleh.
For dinner we will arrive to Khoye village, which is on our route as well.
We will continue cycling to Aqa-Seyyed village - one of the most wonderful villages in Iran (specific stepped architecture). There we will settle for the night.
We will see natural salt extraction proces near this village, and a waterfall in this village.
We will have lunch and dinner in Sara-agh Sayed village and after that we will leave.
For the night we will stay in a homestay in the village.
Last but not least, we will drive by car to Koohrang (Chelgerd). Along the way we will take a look at an ice cave named Chama ice cave (approx. after 2 hours of driving). We will see Koohrang spring (the biggest spring in Iran where an enormous volume of water comes out from one point).
Then we’ll contiune driving to Isfahan, and we’ll get the night bus to Tehran.

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