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Nomads’ Odyssey: A move toward a life-changing journey…

How will this work out?

ٌYou can be IRANomad Tours’ ambassador & help the intangible nomadic heritage preseve through these two ways:

  • “Bring three, Travel for Free”: If 3 travelers, introduced by you and come as your companions, buy any tour, you will have the opportunity to join them for free! They should all buy the same tour. 
  • Commission-Based Collaboration: You will receive a unique promotion code especially generated for you. You can give that code to any one of your followers, clients, family or friends. When they use your code, they will receive a discount and you will get your commission.

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Behind magnificent Zagros mountain ranges, somewhere surrounded by fields of Oak trees, lives a group of indigenous people of Iran: Bakhtiari Nomads. Just in the middle of nowhere, there is a majestic nomadic black tent, surrounded by awe-inspiring, mesmerizing sceneries. There are sheep, goats, horses & mules wandering around in the lush green pastures. A lone nomad man on his horseback is crossing from one side to the other guarding the animals. Women are making bread or fetching wood for the fire, and the girls caressing their favorite lambs.
Twice a year, these indigenous people do ‘Transhumance’ (= ‘Seasonal Migration’ / in Persian language called Kuch) to move to summer & winter pastures to feed their herds. We accompany these people in our ‘Kooch Tour’ in Mt. Zagros. Apart from the adventure one is going to experience while doing migration with Nomads, s/he learns a lot of independence; how to reach potentials in living in nature. Trekking in mountainous regions of Mt. Zagros, living a nomadic lifestyle for some days, seeing the raw power of nature, are some of the most can’t-miss experiences in this adventurous trip. It is also a perfect chance for the cultural story tellers, photographers and the documentary video makers.
Experiencing ‘KOOCH’ would be quite simply a huge inspiration. Coming back to cities, we’re no longer the previous person. The epiphanic moments would stay with us forever. If you are looking for opportunities for adventure, natural beauty, and an authentic culture, Nomads are top-notch destinations.#Bring3Travel$Free

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Interested in Photography?

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What is Kooch?

Kooch (Nomads’ Odyssey) is a Persian word for ‘transhumans’; nomads’ seasonal migration. Please review the blog post about Kooch to find out more about Kooch. You can also go to our Nomad Blog and learn more about the Nomads of Iran.

Do your offer something special rather than other travel operators?

Yes! we are specialist in Nomads of Iran and we are partnered with Nomads who still Kuch in traditional way. We observe principles of eco-tourism in our small group tours in a way that helps to preserve the traditions. You will join the indigenous people of Iran and have a hands-on experience with the Nomads who have been living in Mt. Zagros since centuries ago.

How can we be sure about the quality of these services?

You can check our Tripadvisor page. So far, all who have experienced Kuch Tour with us have named it as one of their best experiences EVER!

How and how much you will pay our commissions?

We can pay you through wire transfer, PayPal, etc.
The amount of commission is 10% from each payment and all prices are visible on the website. so if three customers for Kuch Tour (nomad odyssey package), use your promotion code they will pay 850 euros instead of 895, and you will get paid 3*895*10%= 268Euro. If you find three customers or more, you will be able to join the tour for free and, moreover, you will get paid the commissions which can cover your flight ticket as well. or if you don’t want to join a Kuch tour you will get paid 3*895*15%=402 Euro in this case.

How is this offer possible?

In this social-business start-up, on the one hand, we need ‘community building’ in nomad tribes and on the other hand we need ‘business marketing’.
Since the professional backgrounds of the founders go back to local community development projects, we are more improved in that part and lots of nomad partners are ready to work with us. But the marketing of the project still needs more work. We are open sourcing the marketing part so that if you can help us in marketing, you will be paid for it. This would be a win-win collaboration. isn’t it?

What are the possible chances I’m going to have on the trip?

Following Nomads while they are moving on Mt. Zagros ranges to reach the pastures is a perfect chance for photographers, viloggers, documentary makers and cultural storytellers. So, if now you have followers on these kinds of cultural adventures, be sure you’ll have the chance to make one of the best content ever, and you’ll satisfy your followers’ interests.

What is the size of the group? Any other points about the tour?

Normally, we offer small group tours; four tourists join an extended family of a nomad (about 10 people). But sometimes, it is possible to have bigger groups.
For joining the tour, you need to be fit and be able to hike in the mountain with the pace of nomads.
Read more in this link:

When is the deadline & what's the timing of this affiliate program?

You can order your promotion code by the end of February 2020. The promotion code to purchase any tour package in 2020.

What if I have experienced this tour before and just want to be your ambassador?

As we explained if you could find three other customers, you can join the tour for free and moreover you will get a 10% commission. but if for any reason you do not want to join the tour but still eager to promote our tours this commission could be increased up to 15% for you. for example, if you have experienced the Kuch last year and you want to help us promoting the experience this commission could compensate your time and costs.