Iran Nomad Tours Team Members

There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew.

Marshall McLuhan

We are a group of sustainability enthusiasts that share a dream to know our roots better and protect our national heritages. Around 4 years ago, we started this journey by knowing, and letting the world know as well, about one of these precious heritages: Iranian NomadsIRANomad Tours’ crew is now on the way to its Ithaca; to celebrate the rebirth of Persian Nomads.

The captains are guiding the boat. The crew all have their share of responsibilities. Some are running academic projects. Others are trained to organize sustainable adventures. A group is working on content creation. Meanwhile, another boat is running overseas: those friends of ours who have once experienced nomadic adventure, and are now helping us internationally. But our odyssey means nothing without our ‘nomadic families‘ who are the guardians of the mountain areas and meadows they consider their home (however temporarily).

1. Deck Crew

We are in charge of IRANomad Tours’ daily tasks.

Mohammad Malekshahi-Iran Nomad Tours

Mohammad Malekshahi

CEO & Founder
Sara Shoukohinia- Iran Nomad Tours

Sara Shokouhinia

Content Generation Expert
Niloufar Mousavi- Iran Nomad Tours

Niloufar Mousavi

Website Coordinator

Yeganeh Shokrollahi

Content Creator

Saba Kakavand

Social Media Manager

Want to Join the Crew? (work positions)
We’re looking for a Social Media Specialist to join our team!

Role: You will be responsible for implementing our social media strategy on day-to-day basis in order to increase our online presence and improve our marketing and sales efforts across various platforms

– Excitement to present Nomads & Iran to the world
– Proven track record of successful management of different platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
– Hands-on skills and knowledge of promotion & networking on various platforms and awareness of current trends
– Adequate knowledge of SEO, WordPress, analytics, ads, online marketing tools, web design
– Excellent consulting, writing, storytelling, editing (photo/video/text), presentation and communication skills
– Fluent English

– Develop and implement a social media strategy (benchmarking, platform determination, research, audience identification and messaging)
– Create regular and meaningful content for all social media platforms, including editing, publishing and sharing content daily
– Develop editorial calendars and coordinating schedules
– Monitor user engagement and SEO and recommend content for optimization
– Define, implement and oversee the most vital social media KPIs, act on them to improve efficiency
– Research opportunities for new social platforms and choose up-to-date processes that fit the audience’s needs
– Review and update user-generated content
– Develop and oversee meaningful connections and engage the audience through messaging and dialogue
– Coordinate creation of newsletters and email campaigns
– Layout and optimize the company’s social media pages on every platform

All interested candidates are invited to send a CV along with a cover letter to

Location: near the Grand Bazaar, Tehran

2. Expedition Guides

We are more of facilitators between travelers & the nomads.

Ali Cheraghi
Iranologist & Ethnographist
Meysam Emami
Research Supervisor
Soroush Talebi-Iran Nomad Tours
Soroush Talebi
My dad's from Fraydan, my mom; Dezful; nomads' two main destinations. I, a devoted fan of people. That's why I love migration with the nomads.
Ivan Dogic
This interesting tour provider deserves all recognition and help and that's what ultimately made me want to be part of their team.
Mohammad Reza Kolahian
A life-long traveler

3. Overseas Crew

We are far away from our nomads, but our hearts are always with them. We are kindling the love of nomads in the heart of travelers worldwide.

Pourya Darnihamedani

International Regional Partner
Netherlands, Utrecht

Saman Ghazvini- Iran Nomad Tours
Saman Ghazvini
Content Manager
Hannane Aghayan

International Regional Partner
Germany, Hamburg

Saba Daftari

International Regional Partner
Canada, Montreal, Quebec