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Iran Nomad Tours Team Members

There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew.

_Marshall McLuhan

We had a dream to know our Persian roots. Around 3 years ago, we made it happen. Now, we wish to let the world know about our heritage. Iran Nomad Tours’ crew are now on the way to its Ithaca; to celebrate the rebirth of Persian Nomads.

The captains are guiding the boat. The crew all have their share of responsibilities. Some are running academic projects. Others are trained to organize sustainable adventures. A group is working on the content. Meanwhile, another boat is running overseas; those friends of us who have once experienced the nomadic adventure, and now are helping us internationally. But our odyssey means nothing without our ‘nomads families’ who are the very reason for all our endeavors.

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1. Deck Crew

We are in charge of Iran Nomad Tours’ daily tasks.

Mohammad Malekshahi-Iran Nomad Tours

Mohammad Malekshahi

CEO & Founder
Mohammad Kolahian- Iran Nomad Tours

Mohammad Kolahian

Operation Manager
Niloufar Mousavi- Iran Nomad Tours

Niloufar Mousavi

Website Coordinator

Kimia Noorinejad

social media specialist
Sadegh Torabian-Iran Nomad Tours

Sadegh Torabian

Digital Marketer
Sara Hoseingholizade-Iran Nomad Tours

Sara Hoseingholizadeh

Content Strategist
Sara Shoukohinia- Iran Nomad Tours

Sara Shokouhinia

Content Generation Expert

2. Expedition Guides

We are more of facilitators between travelers & the nomads.

Katayoun Ghotbi- Iran Nomad Tours
Katayoun Ghotbi
Soroush Talebi-Iran Nomad Tours
Soroush Talebi
My dad's from Fraydan, my mom; Dezful; nomads' two main destinations. I, a devoted fan of people. That's why I love migration with the nomads.
Fariba Fadaei
Fariba Fadaei
Working with nomad tours gives me an opportunity to show parts of our Iranian roots & the untouched nature of Iran to travelers.
Ivan Dogic
This interesting tour provider deserves all recognition and help and that's what ultimately made me want to be part of their team.
Saeid Mobasseri-Iran Nomad Tours
Saeid Mobasseri
Photography & nomad adventures are my inspirations. I’d like to share the experience with those who also wish to see the Persian roots.
Saman Ghazvini- Iran Nomad Tours
Saman Ghazvini
Seeing the pure kindness in nomads inspired me to be a part of this team. That, and the abundance of newborn baby lambs to hug.

3. Overseas Crew

We are far away from our nomads, but our hearts are always with them. We are kindling the love of nomads in the heart of travelers worldwide.

Hannane Aghayan-Iran Nomad Tours

Hannane Aghayan

International Regional Partner
Germany, Hamburg


Saba Daftari- Iran Nomad Tours

Saba Daftari

International Regional Partner
Canada, Montreal, Quebec


4. Cruise Assistants

Although we are not everyday-present members of the team, we are backing the team by all means!

  • AliAsghar Abdolkarimi-Iran Nomad Tours
    AliAsghar Abdolkarimi
    Graphic Designer