Nomad Families

These dear nomad families are the very epitome of Persian nomadic culture. They are the main reason of what we are doing now. Over these years, a close bond has developed between us and now they are like our next of kin. That’s why all our projects revolve around these people. To know more about our nomad partners, view….

Ramezoon & Setare

The smiling face of a nomadic mom & her two sons each holding a goat

Khorshid & Tala

Pirooz & Manije

Sokhte-roo & Kheironessa

Yaghoob & Mahnaz

soltan mohammad family

Soltan Mohammad & Da & Sara

Ghasem & Bibi Taj

Hosein & Jahan

Bagher & Leila

Tarazoo & Shirin

Mahmood & Keshvar

Seyyed Ali & Sara

A nomad couple standing in the Zagros mountainous area

Ali Ghobad & Shah Goli

Morad Hosein & Massoumeh


The pathfinders from around the world who pave the way for the rest adventure-culture seekers to come and experience what they’ve touched in Iran. Having a first-hand experience of our nomadic adventures, these people are of great help in making Iran nomads known to the world. We can introduce you as one of our partners here.

Vincent Kronental-Iran Nomad Tours

Vincent Kronental

French Photographer and Video Maker
Lauren Keith-Iran Nomad Tours

Lauren Keith

Destination Editor for MENA of “Lonely Planet”

Emily Garthwaite

Photojournalist and Founder of WemonTranslate


They are either cultural centers, research or developmental institutions. They have always been such great help to us in making the nomads & their precious legacy known to the world.

Sharif Policy Research Institute

School of Sustainable Development

Travel Agencies

Through these agencies, we are better linked with our travelers.



Indy Guide

Lonely Planet

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