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What things and equipment do I need to bring?

Depending on your package type, we will send you an email including all the information about the equipment that you need to bring. The basic package already includes the tent and sleeping bag and the meals. Furthermore, we can provide you with the trekking shoes or backpacks if you don’t have one. The rest would be on yourselves, such as personal equipment like sunglasses, sunscreen, etc.

How do we take a shower or go to the toilet while doing the tour?

Again depending on the type of your trip, in some of them, you will be staying in villages each night so it will not be hard to arrange a shower. In the migrations that take several days with no stay in the villages in between, the opportunity to take a warm shower while trekking is almost zero, however, what the nomads and us sometimes do with them is to take a shower in the rivers, anyway according to Iranian culture, we are used to washing ourselves using water bottles (outdoor) or hoses (at homes) after each time that we use the “toilet”. So we feel fresh and clean all daytime. In fact, the way we go to the toilet is highly compatible with nature. We should not do it near the rivers, also, before that, we dig in the soil and after we are done we cover it by the soil or stone. The nomads normally put a stone on it when they are finished.

What are we going to eat?

The idea is to try to experience nomads life, so we would prefer if you could eat their food during the trip. However, since their food might not be desirable for everyone or in case of any allergy or special diet, we would negotiate the details with you beforehand and we can take our food with ourselves during the trip. Actually, during the registration, we would get your food preferences. Their food is basically made of dairy products taken from the fresh ship or goat milk, handmade bread and tea. We usually ask them to serve you an Iranian “kebab” to for one meal, but that’s just a proposition and the food schedule is flexible due to your wishes.

Do we need to carry all our stuff?

If you are taking the trekking tours, there will be donkeys carrying your backpacks along the way. But there is a maximum of 5 kilos. More than that? You need to leave them in the car while trekking.

How will be the sleeping arrangement?

If we are in the villages we sleep in rooms. When we are in the middle of the trekking we would sleep in sleeping bags in the tents. We would sleep as nomadic people sleep and we would wake up whenever they get up in the morning.

How are you helping the nomads, don’t you think that your activities would harm them?

Nomad tours is trying to minimize its negative impact and try to optimize the nomad’s motivation in order to stay in their original habitats. We will do this by the means of the tourists and their payments in exchange for the services that the nomads will give to them. So we do our best to keep this relationship fair and sustainable, and we are open to any comments and critics.

How can we help the nomads as their guests?

Furthermore, if you feel like encouraging these people to continue this business and show them how valuable their activities are, you can buy some of their products and take them as original Iranian souvenirs and delicates to your countries!