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Our Contribution

As a responsible social business and having the mission and concerns in mind for years, we were hoping to make a positive contribution towards the nomads’ preservation. Our tours & projects are the means through which we are going to meet our goals.

A portion of our revenue will go towards conservation and rural economic developments, and the nomads are the main beneficiaries of these tours! Travel would be far more rewarding when you know your trip is directly benefiting others!

  1. Tours
    • Spectacular Experience
    • To preserve our nomadic heritage, we’ve designed nomadic tours to add a level of appreciation and understanding to the normal traveling experience. These tours are perfect to quench the thirst of slow travelers all around the world, and all those who wish to get to know about the indigenous people of Persia. Through these tours, we are giving travelers an incredible experience: a trek back in time to one of the world’s cultural diversities, in off-the-map nomadic pastures in the ancient nomadic routes of Iran. For those who desire to have this authentic experience, we’ve also thought of some initiatives to make their dream comes true.

      • Tours can be personalized to the travelers’ exact requirements and tastes. An anthropologist would have a chance to meet one of the most authentic nomadic tribes, a photographer; to capture the scenic remote untouched landscapes & the nomads, an adventure seeker; to have plenty of vibrant hiking and eventful days, a culture seeker; to gain hands-on experience of an old Persian culture, so on and so forth.

      • We are doing our best to give travelers worldwide the chance of a nomadic experience. Both for those who haven’t tried it yet & those who have experienced it once and wish to repeat it again & again. We fully guarantee everybody will love and appreciate the Experience of Nomadic Odyssey. So, our tours come with ‘Happiness Guaranteed’. For the detailed information check our Payment Policy.

      • The experience is so singular and unique that the slow travelers would be remiss not to have it. But what if a proven eligible traveler finds it hard to join the adventure? So worthwhile the experience is that we’d be honored to provide it to the true admirers of this heritage. Check the Payment Policy page to see how you can apply for financial aid.

    • Expert Guides
    • The unique nomadic experience wouldn’t happen without the expert guides who are not only just skilled mountaineers but local facilitators who have made a truly close bond with the local communities. Throughout these journeys, travelers will get to experience a hidden gem; they are going to live a nomadic life with the indigenous people in the mountainous pastures and it is our guides’ nomadic expertise that makes it happen. They are skilled mountaineers with leadership qualities who have great nomadic knowledge as well. They know how to steer the travelers through nomadic paths in the mountainous areas. Moreover, they know how to connect with the locals and help the travelers strike up a friendship with the nomad families because for years, they’ve developed a deep strong relationship based on mutual trust and it has made all the difference. They are more than just a guide. They are here to create memories that will last a lifetime.

  3. Projects
  4. To give the nomadic heritage the recognition it deserves, we are conducting some projects as well. Projects are related to ‘biodiversity preservation’, ‘documentation of indigenous knowledge’, ‘climate change awareness’, etc. The years we were doing local community development projects in research institutes have prepared us for today. These projects are either our NTD (Nomadic Tourism Development) or LCD (Local Community Development) programs. These projects are parallel and both follow the same goal: getting to know more & more about the nomads and empowering them against destructive forces. Join us in making a positive impact: Every contribution helps!

  5. IRANomad Market
  6. We, in IRANomad Market, have partnered with the nomads to sell their organic produce straight from their black tents to customers from all over Iran, and their lush hand-woven rugs, straight from the weaving loom to anywhere in the world. With this method, we seek to take the middlemen out of the equation and ensure that the nomads get the maximum benefit from selling their hard-earned products. Through this collaboration, the nomads don’t have to maximize the number of their animals anymore to make more money, thus ensuring the pastures won’t be depleted by overly large herds of sheep and goat. Moreover, the nomads will be certain that their products will be sold without a doubt each year, and this takes the burden off their shoulders.