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Spend 3 Days with Nomads! Live and Eat like them.

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  • We experienced firsthand the world of the Bakhtiari nomads and the stunning natural wonders of the high ranges. ‘Authentic’ is a ridiculously overused word to describe experiences. But here, it could not be more appropriate. Be ready to be awed.

  • With Nomad Tours we spent some time with a Nomad family in the Zagros mountains while they were migrating. It was a unique experience and we would definitely recommend Nomad Tours. If you have the time and opportunity, definitely go with Nomad Tours!!

  • Experiencing the real nomadic migration was one of the kind experiences in Iran. The beautiful Zagros mountains scenery and hospitality of Bakhtiari people was just amazing beside getting to know their cultures and learning their true life style.

  • Matthias Schmidt

    Like no other tour provider in Iran, the guys from Nomad-tours are specialised on the lives of Iranian nomads. Traveling with them means something completely different than just meeting some nomads sitting somewhere next to the road and selling their goods. I completely support their caring approach. keep on doing so!

    Matthias Schmidt


Can we have customized plan for our trip?

Yes! We offer tailor-made tours for you. Please get in touch using chat widget or email us. We will get back to you soon and plan a wonderful trip just for you.

I have worried about Iranian Visa

Don’t worry. We will help you step-by-step to apply for Iranian visa. It is one of our services just for Nomad Tours travelers. Learn more about Iranian Visa here:

Is Iran safe to visit?

Despite of media and propaganda, Iran is a very safe country to visit. You will see how warm and hospitable Iranian are. Visit this page for more information:

Do your offer something special rather than other travel operators?

Yes! we do believe in our tours authenticity. You will ACTUALLY go to visit Iranian Nomads and live with them in few days. You are going to have a lifetime experience with them.

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