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Odyssey Tour - Iran Nomad Tours

Nomads’ Odyssey (Kooch)

A truly immersive experience with the most authentic nomads of Iran. This epic adventure provides a genuine interaction with nomads.
Authentic+Classic Iran nomad tours

Authentic + Classic

Experience nomadic transhumance in jagged peaks and deep valleys of Zagros mountain range. Explore Iran’s pristine desert and best cultural sites.
Nomadopedia tour iran nomad tours


For those wishing to discover the real nomadic life, this specialized nomadic tour with 3 nomadic tribes is the best.
Treasure Of Persia Tour - Iran Nomad Tours

Treasure of Persia

Explore the main highlights of Iran; a real insight into its rich culture & heritage, the nomadic villages, and desert.

Why Travel with Us?

Small Group

In our small groups of 4, you are going to have an intimate experience with the nomads & get the amazing vibes of the local communities with the least impact on them.

Social Business

– You’ll make an important difference in the world. Nomads are the main beneficiaries of these tours. Moreover, multi-aspects projects are done to improve their lives.

Nomad Specialists

Years of living with nomads & conducting local community research have made us nomadic experts who are applying the knowledge to our nomadic tours and projects.

Departure Guarantee

– No matter whether other travelers have booked the tour or not, your tour will definitely operate on the day it is scheduled.

Happiness Guarantee

– We assure all our travelers would appreciate the unadulterated Nomadic Experience. That’s why we are providing you with the ‘happiness guarantee’.

Nomads’ Confidant

– Through all these years a close bond has been developed between nomads and us as their intimate friends. This is the secret of Iran Nomad Tours’ evolution & our travelers’ happiness.

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Can we have customized plans for our trip?

Yes! We offer tailor-made tours for you. Please get in touch using chat widget or email us. We will get back to you soon and plan a wonderful trip just for you.

I have worries about an Iranian Visa

Don’t worry. We will help you step-by-step to apply for Iranian visa. It is one of our services just for Nomad Tours travelers.

Is Iran safe to visit?

Despite media and propaganda, Iran is a very safe country to visit. You will see how warm and hospitable Iranians are. Visit this page for more information.

Do you offer something special rather than other travel operators?

Yes! we believe in our tours’ authenticity. You will ACTUALLY get to visit Iranian Nomads and live with them for a few days. You will leave this trip with a lifetime of memories and experiences.

  • Like no other tour provider in Iran, Nomad-tours is specialized on the lives of Iranian nomads.

    Matthias Schmidt
  • It was a unique experience and we would definitely recommend Nomad Tours.

  • Experiencing the real nomadic migration was one of the kind experiences in Iran.

  • ‘Authentic’ is a ridiculously overused word to describe experiences. But here, it could not be more appropriate.


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