Experience a nomadic heritage with children of Zagros

Unique Nomadic Experiences

Far-far away, behind the great mountain ranges of Iran, there are people with a unique lifestyle. We will get you there to spend days and nights with nomads and experience their authentic life.

Nomads’ Odyssey (Kooch)

A truly immersive experience with the most authentic nomads of Iran. This epic adventure provides a genuine interaction with nomads.

Authentic + Classic

A perfect two-week adventure in the less-traveled roads with the most popular route in Iran.


A truly fantastic way to connect with the diverse nomadic culture with 3 nomadic tribes.

Persian Highlights

Explore the main highlights of Iran; a real insight into its rich heritage, nomadic villages & deserts.

Nomads: The main Beneficiaries of our Tours

Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet

Why Travel with IRANomad?

Social Business

You’ll make a big difference! Nomads are the main beneficiaries of these tours. Moreover, multi-aspect projects are done to improve their lives. 

Small Group

All our travelers appreciate the unadulterated Nomadic Experience! In small groups of 4, you are going to have an intimate experience with the nomads & get the amazing vibes of local communities with the least impact on them.

Nomad Specialists

Years of living with nomads & conducting local community research have made us nomadic experts. We apply our knowledge to all our nomadic tours and projects.

Hear From The Tourists

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"Traveling souls would found themselves very much at home with the nomads and their herds, so if you are for some “time-traveling” I think you should not miss this chance."


"The landscape we are passing by and the Zagros Mountains sometimes reminds me of the Eden I have heard about like a kid."


"The daily life of these shepherds seems to belong to another era for those who live within European borders, they have a melancholy charm and show no sense of fatigue or danger."


Nomad Families

These people and their livelihood are the main reason of what we do. At this time, we partner with 15 Nomadic Families.


Travel regulations, AKA, can I get a visa?

Yes, in almost 99% of cases, you can! The tourist visa process for citizens of the USA, UK, and Canada may take a bit longer, but in almost all cases, there is nothing holding you back from visiting Iran. We will help you step-by-step to apply for Iranian visa. It is one of our services just for IRANomad travelers.

PS. Of course, right now because of Covid, traveling to Iran is available only for journalism purposes.

Is Iran safe to visit?

Despite media’s representation of Iran, Iran is a very safe country to visit. You will see how warm and hospitable Iranians are. Visit this .

I’ve never hiked before! Can I still experience life with the nomads?

Yes, you can! We have varying levels of tours that are perfect for people of different physical fitness. The most important requirement is to have love for nature, people, and cultures! All the rest can be fixed. For example, there are nomad families that do a slower version of Kooch, while some others take more difficult routes and do it faster.

Do you offer something special rather than other travel operators?

Yes! we believe in our tours’ authenticity. You will ACTUALLY get to visit Iranian Nomads and live with them for a few days. You will leave this trip with a lifetime of memories and experiences. Also, 30% of profits go directly to nomadic families.

Can we have customized plans for our trip?

Yes! We offer tailor-made tours for you. Please get in touch using chat widget or email us. We will get back to you soon and plan a wonderful trip just for you.