Why Travel with IRANomad?

  • Social Business: Travel would be far more rewarding when you know your trip is directly benefiting others. With us you will make an important difference in the world. A portion of our revenue will go towards conservation and rural economic developments, and the nomads are the main beneficiaries of these tours. Moreover, multi-aspects projects are done to improve their lifestyle.
  • Small group: We only operate in small groups, bringing only a maximum of 4 travelers to the nomads at each time. Small group tours enable our travelers to form one on one connections with their host nomad family, making your experience with the nomads more intimate, and our presence won’t disrupt their normal routines. Also, we’ll leave a smaller impact on the nomad communities culture-wise.
  • Sustainable Travel: Our tours are responsible and sustainable, both culturally and environmentally. We have consulted anthropology experts to come up with a business model that empowers micro cultures while ensuring that our traveling isn’t counterproductive. Our tours have a very small carbon footprint in comparison with other travel types, because we avoid air travel, stick to driving, camp outdoors as much as we can, and choose to stay in Eco lodges and locally-owned hotels. We commit to having a positive impact by putting the nomads & local communities first and by supporting conservation initiatives.
  • Nomad Specialists: Our team is made of avid travelers who have spent years studying the nomadic way of life as well as accompanying nomads on their transhumance and living with them any chance they got. With the help of years of travel in Iran and many many trips to the nomads, we have become nomad experts in Iran, having formed connections with the most authentic nomad tribe in Iran, as well as having vast knowledge about the different types of nomads in Iran. We love what we, and we are out on the road at every opportunity, so you can trust you will get expert recommendation from someone who knows the place & its local inside out.
  • Happiness Guarantee: Whether you want a fully off-the-beaten-track kind of adventure, or you want to go on a relaxing holiday in an organic village, or you want a little bit of everything, we are here to make your travel to Iran unforgettable. With our diverse tour packages and unique offers, we can make sure you get to experience all the best things Iran has to offer (nomadic culture included) and we assure all our travelers would appreciate the unadulterated Persian nomadic experience.
  • Nomads’ Confidant: We have formed a strong bond with the nomads and our partnership with them goes beyond the typical employee/employer relationship. We regard the nomads as our second family and always have their best interests in our hearts. In return, the nomads have come to fully trust us, a fact that we take much pride in. Often the nomads call us early in the morning, tell us about their day, and ask us when we will be joining them. The launch of IRANomad Market during the Covid19 pandemic, was also another step that brought us and the nomads closer together for an enduring partnership all year round.
  • Departure Guarantee: No matter whether other travelers have booked the tour or not, your tour will definitely operate on the day it is scheduled, and you will have your once-in-a-lifetime experience. You will get under the skin of the local people you are visiting and that connect you with a precious intangible heritage