If you think we forget about you and all the good memories we’ve experienced together, think again! No matter how far we are living from each other, here is where we can get together every now and then. It is just for those who have joined us in our nomadic odyssey. You are going to be one of the first to know about our nomadic projects, our especial offers or the campaigns we are running. You can also share your memoirs in our blog, photos or videos in our gallery, or open your hearts in Iran Nomad Tours‘ Facebook page.    




Back to my home city, I feel strange surrounded by a lot of incoherent and loud noises, huge screens, and so many unrelated people. When preparing breakfast, I recall the nice crunchy skin of the Nan and her masterful skill of bread making. In the evening, still working in front of my computer, the sound of friendly conversation and epic storytelling rings my ears. The bonfire is flaring in the wind with singing voices before my eyes.


Moshtaba accompanied us for two days before we finally met his family in the Zagros mountains. He was some kind of “transmitter of informations” between the world we were coming from and the world of his family which was already in the migration in the mountains. I still do not know exactly how you can track down someone in such a big area, but I believe nomads who know mountains better can also guess better.


They live under large tents made of Persian blankets and rugs. One side of the tent is left open for the fire, to warm up and to cook. Each large family sleeps under one tent, although the time spent resting is very short. They don’t own many assets: cattle and offspring are all they need because they are perfectly capable of practicing self subsistence. They get milk, yogurt, meat, hides, utensils, blankets and money from their animals when they sell them.


They are one of the last-standing nomads that still exist in the world, and as much we were excited – they were eager to meet us as well! Although first time in Iran, thanks to some lovely Iranian friends, I was privileged to visit the “forgotten people” and have a rather unique experience.

Maren & Julia

Suddenly, during our lunch break on our way back, we heard the sound of goats and sheep’ bells coming along the valley with a shepherd, the son of the following nomad family. That moment was so special! The nomad family finally invited us to stay with them for the night. We had plenty of tea with all the family members, had interesting talks about their nomadic life.


The nomads are just phenomenal people and I guess so much of their life is intangible, they live by a sense of chance, of risks. Everything has an intention. They never waste anything. They never waste their time. Everything is in synchronicity with nature. And, I think this is what needs to come true from the work more than this is a tribe who walks kooch. Look at the value that these people have; they have shaped the land and the land has shaped them and they are in synchronicity with Iran.


Enriching Experience!

Independent, solo traveler and crazy kiwi. Just loved this whole experience even at 82 years young. Very enriching and informative. For me the guides amazing so knowledgeable,caring and great sense of humour. Landscape awe inspiring. Now have even deeper respect for the resilience of nomad people, especially the women (I happen to be a woman)


3 Days In Nomad Villages

We stumbled upon nomad tours by chance and we didn’t regret it. We had a wonderful time in the 3 day tour – nomad villages, accompanied by lovely Fariba, our tour guide.
In this remote villages they are trying susteinable tourism, to minimize the impact of tourists but to help the community in the same time. It is a hard job, but I think they are managing it wisely.
What to expect: a lot of smiles, wonderful scenery, good and simple food.
Breakfast in Khoye with the homemade milk products was divine.
It is good to know that you’ll be in a village where there is no hotel, you will sleep at the locals as the locals, on the floor, eating the same food.
Let yourself enjoy their way of life!


Autumn Migration With Bakhtiari Nomads

I was lucky to meet people from Iran Nomads Tours in September 2019. Few days in we’re driving dusty roads in the Zagros Mountains range to meet with Bakhtiari nomads. We’ve stopped in a couple of villages along the way which gave us a great taste of the local way of life and especially some very nice moments of tea drinking with them. Finally, on 2nd day of driving, we joined the nomadic family in the afternoon. Just a few minutes before we’ve met we could hear hundreds of bells in the distance. These were goats and sheep’s bels. Then we saw members of the family coming down the hill to the place where we’re waiting for them. It’s hard to describe the whole situation but it’s very authentic and very out of the ordinary experience. Then we walked for about an hour to the place where we would send out the first night under the sky.

To be honest, the route and pace of walking can be sometimes challenging but the moment you take first sips of black tea during the break with the nomadic family is priceless.

I cannot recommend more to join people from Iran Nomad Tours as they really know the nomads, they care about them and they will do everything to help you to have a memorable experience from the migration with a nomadic family.

Zuzana Gogová

Unique Tour
I don’t have to repeat what other have already said and mention how nature was amazing and what an amazing experience it was to migrate with a nomad family. As someone who studied and works in tourism I would like to say that so far I haven’t seen a project of sustainable tourism as wonderful as a project of Nomad Tours. Trying to preserve a dying tradition in a way to bring attention to nomads’ lifestyle, to financially support the same lifestyle and at the same time provide tourists with a unique experience. I wish I could join the migration a lot more and learn about this fascinating tribe and their tradition. Keep up the good work!


Me and my friend Paul had the chance to participate in a nomad migration with the help from the amazing nomad tours team. We had a really spontaneous request but still, they found a way to manage everything. They picked us up and from the beginning, it was not a typical paid touristic tour it felt like going on an adventure with friends. The tour itself is simply amazing because you will have the chance to take part in the life of migrating (not settled!) Bakhtiari nomads which is really special. You follow the animals, experience unbelievable beautiful nature in the Zagros Mountains and you can observe and take part in their daily lifestyle. Making bread, yogurt, milking the goats, getting water and firewood, and sleep under the stars. I really appreciate also the way the tour is organized because the family don’t get influenced in their traditional lifestyle during the tour. We are vegetarian and also this was no problem! Our guide Mohammed (who is an excellent off-the-beaten-track driver :D) even showed us the unique village of Sar-Agha-Seyed and cared for our special wishes, we even could watch women weaving amazing carpets and making handicrafts. Also, he has excellent knowledge about the nomads and the mountains, I hope we can go again on kooch and see the very valuable tradition of the Bakhtiari nomads! Thank you Nike and Paul from Germany


Nick and I had the most wonderful trip, tailored, often spontaneously, to our last-minute requests. Saba, Hossein, and Navid were charming guides often going out of their way to give us a more authentic experience. Due to weather conditions, we were unable to do the full few days with the Nomads, instead, we were presented with wonderful solutions. Leave all your preconceived ideas behind and allow this young team to show you with pride their wonderful country. I wish them every success.


Deciding to join a tour with Nomad Tours is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Together with the guides from Nomad Tours and two other tourists I accompanied a Bakhtiari nomad family during their spring migration in May this year. The few days I spent with them were like a dream to me. As the nomad family had never seen tourists before, they seemed equally interested in us as we were in them. Although we couldn’t speak a mutual language, we were able to communicate quite well. Also, our guides translated a lot for us. We joined the family for every meal, drank a lot of tea and doogh together and even played some games.

As I had very little hiking experience prior to this tour, I found the hiking pretty tough at times. Luckily there were enough possibilities to make a short stop and Mohammad (the guide) always provided me with some energizing sweets and water. Also, I enjoyed my role as a shepherd a lot, so this kept me going as well.

Immediately from the pick-up, our guide made sure that all of us felt comfortable and relaxed. This continued during the whole trip. He was friendly, funny, and had an amazing amount of energy. Also, it was very clear that he was enjoying this trip a lot as well, that it was an amazing experience for him too. During a trip like this, you are very reliant on the guide, so it is important that you can trust him/her. Mohammad immediately gave me this feeling. Also, when I got sick on the last day, more than perfect care was taken of me.

The organization of the trip was perfect as well. The pick-up was as agreed. Although always certain things happen during a trip which force the plan to be changed, Mohammad was flexible and handled everything very well. On the way back, we made some extra stops at a beautiful village and a huge natural spring because we had the time and he said they were worth the visit, which they definitely were. As I had no plans to join a tour like this when I travelled to Iran, I did not bring any hiking equipment. Fortunately, I could borrow all needed equipment (hiking shoes, jacket, sleeping bag, tent, etc.) from Nomad Tours, free of (extra) charge!

What I like a lot about Nomad Tours is that their projects create mutual benefits for the nomads as well as tourists. They are very careful not to disturb the nomad’s lifestyle and work with small groups only. The daily schedule is completely dependent on the plans of the nomads. For example, when in the morning we would start with the migration the mules were lost, there was no hiking possible on that day and the migration started the next day. This of course requires some flexibility but ensures that the nomads can continue their original lifestyle.

All in all, I can highly recommend this tour. It gives a unique insight into the life of nomads in Iran and is in my opinion the most authentic way to experience this. During the days with the nomads, you have the opportunity to really bond with them, which is of course very unique. Also, the amazing landscapes and the living in wild nature is a cool experience as well. Considering that the prices of the tours are extremely reasonable, if you’re physically able to do so, there is no reason not to join one!


Big Thanks to Mr.Malek Shahi and his team! I had the chance to live, eat, sleep, laugh, and sing with Bakhtiari nomads of Iran for 4 days. Nomad tours are so caring and they will provide whatever equipment that you are missing such as tent. I am from Bakhtiari ancestors myself,but never had the chance to visit my fatherland …It was one of the best trips of my life so far! I would like to migrate with Nomad tours again next year, but hopefully with Qashqai nomads so that I can experience a new migration lifestyle.


Experiencing the real nomadic migration was one of the kind experiences in Iran. The beautiful Zagros mountains scenery and hospitality of Bakhtiari people were just amazing besides getting to know their cultures and learning their true lifestyle.
Our guide Mohammad was so responsible and caring, and the fact that he has Bakhtiari root made our group which was consisted of 4 different countries more welcoming to the local family who hosted us.
I definitely recommend this adventure to nature and culture lovers!


During this trip, we joined a Bakhtiari family and migrate with them for two and a half days. It was a bonding experience. we were fascinated by their daily routines and they were so hospitable to assume us as part of their family. A very authentic experience!


We visited and migrated with Bakhtiari nomads thanks to Nomad tours. Me and my boyfriend joined the tour among other tourists and locals, all excited and ready to live a true and exceptional experience with one of the last nomad tribe of Iran.

We met a Bakhtiari tribe family in the Zagros mountains during their spring migration and stayed with them for 4 days. We basically eat what they prepared (delicious handmade bread, fresh goat milk, kebab), sleep with them under tents, helped and followed them in their migration. It was intense days, with sometimes no walk because of the rain, or long walks during sunny days.

Our hosts were really nice, friendly, welcoming, and thoughtful. Thanks to our guide, Mohammad, who perfectly knows Bahktiaris traditions and their dialect, we had great exchanges and discussions. We were able to learn so much about how their daily life, traditions, nomadic challenges, animals’ care…

The staff of the tour is very professional and nice. They took care of everything, from snacks/freshwater to transportation. I highly recommend this tour for those who want to have an authentic experience with nomads, accompanied by a very professional guide!


I have booked a nomad tour for February, outside of the season when nomads migrate and it was at first agreed to last for 2 days. They have offered me to join the tour earlier and extend the tour to 3 days.
In terms of the organization, they were very professional and punctual from picking me up at the hotel throughout the whole tour.
We did not waste time at all. In one day, we hiked 3 times, we spent time with the nomads and I was encouraged to ask nomads anything I wanted to know- about their habits, customs, culture.
The nomads are also very welcoming people and you can see that nomads are also curious about their visitors.
The nature and surroundings of the nomad villages require a separate blog or a review. Simply stunning.
Teheran and Isfana are beautiful cities but I think a nomad tour of 2 or 3 days can hardly be replaced with regular sightseeing of these big cities.
I have shown the photos of my trip to some Iranian friends and they have told me I had seen more on that tour what most Iranians have never seen in their own country,
I highly recommend this to adventurous people


Last week me and few other friends traveled to the hinterlands of Zagros mountain range where we joined a nomadic family of the Bakhtiyari tribe on their epic migration (the ‘kooch’). They are one of the last-standing nomads that still exist in the world, and as much we were excited – they were eager to meet us as well!
Although first time in Iran, thanks to some lovely Iranian friends, I was privileged to visit the “forgotten people” and have a rather unique experience. For five days we shared the whole experience with a very hospital nomadic family. In the morning we were woken up by the song of hundreds of bells, we eat the fresh made bread, drank the purest doogh, hiked through some amazing slopes and valleys of Zagros mountains, crossed the cold Bozoft river, rest beside the camp fire and slept under the clear skies next to the nomads – until the last day when the family went deeper into the wild.
At first, there’s nothing but man, animal, and a vast untamed Nature – but at the other hand, there’s much more to the picture than meets the eye. By going way back, I found myself immersed in a very different world, yet a world with which I was able to relate on a very intimate level. After returning back from this, sort of, pilgrimage, I feel like I am in a much better place.
Traveling souls would found themselves very much at home with the nomads and their herds, so if you are for some “time-traveling” I think you should not miss this chance.
I was pretty lucky when I found out about his dedicated eco-tourism agency from Teheran, who offers amazing Persia Authentic Nomad Tours. They appreciate and try to preserve this intangible heritage and are quality-oriented, with a strong vision of a long-term and socially responsible enterprise. They are very professional and were more than happy to facilitate our desire to try out something different and to take us on this unique adventure.
My sincere recommendations!


I enjoyed my time with Nomad Tours and Mohammad who was a really interesting guide and provided lots of information and background regarding the history of the Bakhtiari nomads and their fascinating way of life. I would definitely recommend Nomad Tours to anyone looking to experience Iran in an authentic, adventurous, and exciting way.


We went on this trip, without knowing, what exactly to expect. These were our last three days in Iran, so we saw a lot of cities and culture in the past weeks. Then we joined the Nomadstour and we were blown away! No other tourists around, pure nature and Nomads, who live a life -so different from anything we knew from Europe! It’s literally back to the basics! And that’s the best part: No mobile phone, no traffic, no “oh I need to check my email”, no hurry, no “should I eat this or that…” its such a down to earth lifestyle, that convinces you with “less is more”! Okay, enough romance, let’s see some facts: Don’t expect too much comfort, of course, you live outdoors (at night in a tent or watching the stars) and there is no room service (because you don’t have a room;)), but the two guides, who walk with you care all the time for your wellbeing and they organize/cook delicious Iranian food! Talking about walking: Of course you walk all the time, but mostly you don’t realize it, because nature is mind-blowing and the honest conversations about culture are pretty interesting. You don’t have to carry your bags, because some cute donkeys do this work for you! We did some amazing side trips to waterfalls, canyons, and other natural sights, that are worth the sweat and joined the nomads later again. I think this tour is a real adventure and I recommend it to everybody, who is open to real nature, is at least average in walking, and who isn’t afraid of stepping into a puddle;) But I think people, who want to have a five-star-all-inclusive vacation don’t come to Iran anyway…
Props to our guides Hamid and Mohammad and a huge thank you for all your help!!! Also after the tour!


I have used to live in Australia. When I have come back to Iran (my home country) some of my foreign friends, and I have decided to travel around Iran. After searching through the Internet and Feedbacks from friends I found which is managed with an energetic young professional leader such as Mr. Malekshahi. Well, they explained to me the various types of tours they have. After that, based on our time for the travel and our ability, we chose to see the Bakhtiari nomad lifestyle and some natural beauties of Zagros range mountain, it was really fun.
We have stayed at ASHAYER (Nomad) place for a night (IT WAS FIRST TIME I SAW THOSE LOVELY AND HOSPITABTLITY PEOPLE LIKE THEM). I have never forgotten those beautiful pure natures. The Nice journey due to lack of time we had, they arranged trips to use all our time during day and night, be able to see and visit everything in our way. Sometimes by walking to get some pure nature such as Absefid waterfall or salt extraction and a salt mine. We have been in different villages such as Sar-Aqa-Seyyed village, Chin, and Baznavid. Totally it was an incredible tour, we really enjoyed it. I was super happy to see what a beautiful country I have. Keep in mind first things when you travel to find a proper and affordable tour which managed with people who understand how you want to spend your time during your travel and what abilities you have.
Nomad Tours is a young and professional company in the tour industry with a couple of years experience but those people understand everything, they know how you can enjoy your tours. During our trip, I found that those feedbacks from their tours are true and I also should mention that our leader and manager of those places we stayed treated us in such a warm and hospitable way that we felt like we are a member of their family. They make us super happy
I would like highly recommend them to enjoy your time in Iran.


We traveled for three days through the Zagros Mountains, experiencing first hand the world of the Bakhtiari nomads and the stunning natural wonders of the high ranges. An extended family of nomads welcomed us to their summer camp where we talked and interacted with them as they went about their daily routines: shepherding, milking cows and goats, churning milk in skins, collecting water. We visited a salt mine, a cemetery of warriors, villages where some nomads have settled, an awe-inspiring ‘spring’ that was more a massive waterfall gushing directly from a cliff.
This is not a trip with creature comforts. It’s rough dirt roads. There’s no glamping. Flexibility is key. Our route and itinerary varied with opportunity. We slept on the mats under the woven goats’ wool tent where we’d eaten. At times, there’s no toilet, let alone a sit-down. Nomads squeezed into our vehicle for a lift somewhere. Our guides translated, explained. We learned and loved.
‘Authentic’ is ridiculously overused. But here, it is apt. This was a trip into landscape, culture, scenery, tradition. Be ready to be awed.


Go For It! Once In A Lifteime Experience (Really…)
After 3 weeks in Iran, I felt I wanted to share something “else” of this amazing country. I had heard (a bit) about the Zagros mountains and only knew it as a large chain of mountains.
Besides, I am very interested in nomadic life, by the ways in which nomadic people manage to adapt to multiple changes, the skills they have which we have a lot to learn from. And the challenge they represent to sedentary lives. I was really keen on sharing a few days of their life.
The trip we made has been further any expectations : as I did not have so many, except “take what is happening” and “get in a journey mood” !

The whole thing is about “catching” a nomadic family on their yearly transhumance and sharing a few days with them, impacting as little as possible their usual organisation.
It requires flexibility and understanding that these people are not there to organise a trip for you, but are friendly enough to let you accompany them to share a piece of a long and demanding journey for some of them..
For the “temporary nomads” we have been the main goal is to share in the least intrusive way possible, the journey of a large herd and its owners (“the family”) through beautiful mountains, passes, narrow tracks, shortcuts trails .
It requires a bit of fitness and a great willingness to face the “unexpected” : no fixed schedule, stops, timetables, menus, etc.
The rythm of the family and herd decides it – and that is great !

I did a 7 days trip :
– one day to discover Shushtar and Chogha Zanbil
– one day to join the “family” – with beautiful Zagros sceneries, and for our tiny group (2) a first challenge as the planned family had left without us, so a new ride to join another one – and new great scenaries of this mountains covered with oak trees and wild pistachios trees.
– three days of hiking along the family, with no dirt roads on the way, just trails, passes, springs and rivers to follow.
– one day to visit a sedentary nomadic village and manage our way out of the mountains through dust roads
– one half day in Buin va Miandasht, to discover the reality of “georgian villages”

This whole trip has proved a truly amazing “off the beaten track” experience, all tailored, managed, accompanied in a very nice manner by the great team of Nomad Tours.
Mohamad, Sarah, Davood, Soroosh have been great to be with in the mountains : cheerful, energetic, caring, reliable and open about the challenges encountered.
They have a strong commitment to find the “good match” between the needs of “temporary nomads” and the time necessary for them to adjust to new frame of mind (no fixed plans, quick “decision changes”) and the reality of this nomadic families who have a hard journey to take.
I always felt at ease and secure to ask all the questions I had, and they were great in their “go between” role with the family.
Our guide in Chogha Zanbil, Saddeq was really nice and easy going, adjusting to our mooods !
I really appreciated the deeply respectful approach to the whole thing, the way Nomad Tours intends to contribute in a positive and non damaging way to the sustainability of nomadic life, the way they explain things and allows each participant to understrand his/her responsability in taking part in a specific type of trip.
That encounter with this bakhtiari nomadic life, in these conditions, is really an amazing thing to be able to share. And I feel grateful and privilegied to have been able to share that.


Unforgettable Trip To Visit Nomads In Iran

The trip was truly unforgettable with beautiful memories.

We started our trip with Persia Nomad Tours in Tehran and went to Zagros Mountain Chain and stayed the first night with a very friendly nomad family. Watching their activities coupled with a mild weather and a great tour guide like Mohammad made the first night one of the highlights of our tour.

We spent the second night in a village also in Zagros (Khoye Village). The villagers were extremely friendly and we had interesting conversations. The food quality was great and the weather was refreshing. Almost everything was natural and organic (in full sense) and we enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere.

After visiting the nomad path in Zagros we went to Shahre Kord and stayed the last night there. Throughout the trip, our guide, knew hospitable local people, great places to stay and dine. Mohammad was indeed well-informed and took his time to explain interesting facts (and myths) about nomads and Bakhtiari people.

Overall, I totally recommend this once in a lifetime experience to everyone. Thanks to Mohammad and very friendly nomad families and villagers we met, this trip is one of the highlights of my recent trip to Iran.


Thanks Nomads Tours, Saba, and Mohamed who were always very professional and kind.
The best experience to discover new territories as Zagros Mountains. Beautiful landscapes, nature, and wildlife. And the more important was to learn about the nomadic lifestyles and share experiences with two really beautiful local families. Excellent guide Mohamed.

Carlos Merino

As an Iranian girl with Bakhtiari roots, I had this idea that the trip would have little surprises for me, but I was totally wrong. This trip was completely a different, authentic, and magical experience. Spending days with the most honest, original, and hospitable people I have ever met in my life really changed my attitude toward them, their lifestyle, and the way we are all connected to nature. It was also an opportunity for me to face my boundaries and limiting beliefs. In addition, a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and spending days between the beautiful mountains of Zagros, where the pace of life is really slow, was an unforgettable memory for me. The night I spent with nomads under the clear sky is one of the most memorable nights of my life. I woke up with the beautiful sounds of bells and I felt as “clear as the air and as young as the morning”! I would totally recommend this tour to all people who are seeking new experiences and adventures.


I experience this tour around 6 months before with two tourists from Poland. Featured

Nomad tours are taken as an eco-cultural tour on the road from Isfahan to Shiraz or after the Persepolis tour.

Nomads of Iran e.g. Qashqai Tribe change their locations by the changing seasons. In summer, they migrate to mountains and in winter they migrate to plains. Mainly depending on cattle-farming, they also make their food from sheep and goat milk.

We visited their location, lifestyle, and tents. we lived with nomads one night and enjoyed their hospitality and friendly behavior.

The tour included transfer to/from the hotel, dinner, and breakfast, and staying overnight. I enjoyed it a lot.


I spent four days with the guys from Nomads Tours, an experience I will never forget!
We visited 3 different Bakhtiari families: we eaten what they eat, slept where they sleep, we listened to their incredible stories and experienced their nomadic lifestyle in the beautiful scenery of the Zagros Mountains. It was such a powerful experience, a total immersion in the nature and in the nomads’ life! I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a unique and unforgettable experience! Many thanks to Mohammad, Shayda and the other guys from Nomads Tours for being the best guides, translators and adventures companions! After this experience I am considering to come back in spring and do the migration tour with them!


I joined the nomads for four days on their spring migration. The tour was perfectly organized by Mohamed and his team, from the pic-up over the finding of a nomad family until the hiking and daily life with them. Since it was the first time for the nomads to be with tourists, it gives this tour authenticity, which I have never had before during any holiday tours.
The hiking was quite hard (up to 10h) and requires a decent shape of fitness. Anyway, as soon as you are tired Mohamed will come to you with a snack and some motivating words. On the way, we slept in tents and joined the family for any meal, and helped them chasing the goats and sheep over the mountains.
Altogether I highly recommend this tour, since you will get a three to four days insight into the nomad life which is normally only possible for people working a long time with the nomads.


I was lucky to have the chance of visiting a nomadic village. Thanks to Nomad Tours, Mohammad, and other Nomad Tours people, I had a magnificent time spending a few days and nights in a nomad village: waking up under a starry night with nomads, eating fresh and tasty dairies, touching nature, and living a nomad lifestyle.
I highly recommend this tour to anyone who wants an authentic experience of nature/culture, Bakhtiari Nomads of Iran. I believe that Migration nomad tours in Iran are definitely by the time the most exotic tours with nomads one could sign up!


With Nomad Tours we spent some time with a Nomad family in the Zagros mountains while they were migrating. Unfortunately, we had bad weather so weren’t able to hike the amount we were supposed to with them. However, we were able to see how they live during their migration time and see how they milk their goats, make bread, prepare food and take care of their herd. The family we spent time with was very welcoming and it was interesting to find out more about the way they live.

It was a unique experience and we would definitely recommend Nomad Tours. As we weren’t planning on doing this before arriving in Iran, they provided us with hiking boots and sleeping bags, and snacks along the way, and the guide was very knowledgeable.

If you have the time and opportunity, definitely go with Nomad Tours!!


Very nice tour with Nomad tours. Highly advisable. Me and a friend joined the tour with two other Iranian travelers. We wanted to have an experience with local people and the tour completely fulfilled our expectations.

We joined a Bakhtiari tribe family in the Zagros mountains during his spring migration and for four days we shared the way with them. We walked, eat and sleep with them and we even help them manage the sheep.

The nomads are really nice and open. Eager to interact with outsiders we always received positive treatment from them. For some days we felt as members of the Bakhtiari nomads family. Thanks to the translations of our guide Mohammad we could converse with them and know a little bit more about their lifestyle, mindset, tradition, food…etc

The staff of the tour was great and Mohammad the tour guide is very nice. They took care of all the transportation and food for the meals during the travel to Zagros. During the migration, we had all meals with nomads and we ate the food cooked by them.

I really recommend the tour, it was a truly authentic experience. If you are looking for something more than just sightseeing in the cities it’s a really must do it. Great opportunity to meet the local community and experience a different lifestyle and culture.


We were in a guesthouse in Varzaneh when we were planning what to do next. Then the owner asked us why not join Nomad Tours. They were going the day after already and we decided, “why not, let’s go”. We did not know what to expect of these 4 days, but it turned out to be an amazing trip. We joined the staff of Nomad tours who explained to us a lot about the lifestyle of the Nomads, about the history of Iran, about their company, and about Iranian everyday life.
Unfortunately, it was not the time of migration of the nomads, however, we still saw a lot.
We did two days of hiking in the Zagros mountains, where we had lunch with locals, slept at the homes of locals, and camped in the mountains. Stunning views and really untouched nature. The people from nomad tours did translate everything so that we could really talk with everyone. The other 2 days we were driving a lot through the Zagros mountains, visited small villages, drinking tea with locals, and just experience their lifestyle. It was a very special, interesting, authentic, and fun trip, and happy that we joined them!
Normally I do not really like tours, being part of a big group, feeling like a tourist. However, this tour was personal and you really experience the way of living in the mountains. It felt more like a cool road trip!


We were lucky to join the nomadic migration of two Bakhtiari families in Zagros mountains for a few days and experienced their great hospitality, their impressive mentality and traditions, their stunning landscapes, and sure, their daily hard work with 800 charming goats and sheep.

In the daytime, we migrated around 10 km with them and could participate in their activities when they found their spot to stay – baking bread, collecting wood, producing yogurt, taking care of the animals, and have food and lots of tea together in the evening.

Our passionate guide Mohammad Malekshahi introduced us to the familiy members and helped to communicate with each other, so we could learn a lot and had plenty of fun altogether. If you have the opportunity: visit them, in April and May is their migration season and the best time of the year! We really enjoyed our time in nature after many urban spots on the main touristic route and are very thankful that we met such lovely people, living their great cultural heritage.

Mohammad and Saba organized everything for us after we told them our wishes and dates, they had an appropriate 4WD car and picked us up in Isfahan. The tour was just arranged for the two of us and Mohammad brought two Iranian friends after asking us if it’s ok for us, so together we were an interesting, relaxed group. He provided the equipment such as tents, sleeping bags and even hiking boots for me since I wasn‘t prepared for such a trip. Plus Mohammad knows many people in this region so e.g. he could arrange a homestay on our stormy and rainy arrival day spontaneously. I appreciate the idea that they support the nomad community by developing sustainable tourism and enjoyed as well the experience to join their daily life without any fake demonstrations of nomadic lifestyle. Be prepared to have a simple rural standard while you migrate with them and enjoy this great people and culture!


Me and my friend joined the Nomad tours trip to migrate with Bakhtiari people. We didn’t know much about what to expect, but we were amazed how the tour guides Mohammad and Hamid organized the tour with respect to nature and especially to Nomad families. We visited few already settled nomadic families and then we joined the family on their way over the mountains. How I said we didn’t have much clue about the difficulties of such migration. The length of the day walk with them depends on the weather and the part of the mountain which they have to cross. They can walk 10 hours a day, when necessary even more. We slept with them under the sky, they shared the food with us and their were able to explain through the gentle translation of our guides all question regarding their migration and daily life. I would recommend this tour to everybody who is average fit and respectful to the other culture. I would like to thank Nomad tours for an unforgettable experience and I admire their correctness to us and to the nomads. I hope that this relation between Nomad tours, their clients, and nomads will stay in the future so friendly as it is now.


I spontaneously joined the Nomads Tour with Hamid and Mohammad and it definitely became the Highlight of my month in Iran.
Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time for the whole tour, so I joined the small group of people halfway. It was one of the greatest experiences of all my travels so far.

You get a very authentic impression of how the Nomads live, what they do, and how they organize themselves. I never thought that it is possible to experience culture in such a direct and intensive way. Of course, you should not expect a lot of comforts, because you sleep in the field, eat together with the Nomads, get up early in the morning and hike with them, but it is totally worth it! And the landscape is overwhelming!

Hamid and Mohammad explain a lot, organize everything, and are amazing Tour guides. They really care about nature and culture and want to contribute to the preservation of the Nomads’ cultural heritage by offering those tours. And besides that, they are so nice and friendly.
For those of you who want to discover a real genuine piece of Iran, this tour is the best you can do! I will definitely come back one day and then take the whole tour 🙂
Thank you so much for everything guys!!!


I went on a three-day tour’ with two friends and our nomad tour guides. Usually, I am not a tour fan, as it reminds me of huge groups of tourists and buses emptying for ‘5 minutes picture time’, but this was great! The guides themselves were enjoying the trip so much as well. Mountain views were very beautiful! And you won’t find any other tourists out there! The beauty of the Himalayas, the luxury of the abandonment. You need to be a bit flexible to join such a trip. The schedule will adapt to the weather, the people you meet, and your own needs. When sleeping in the nomad tents, you live like the nomads, this means nature will be your toilet sometimes.
Talk to the guides and they will appreciate your feedback and input.


Trekking with the “Bakhtiari” Nomads along their historical and seasonal migration route together with visiting natural and cultural attractions of the area!