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Travel in remote areas involves risk and since most of our tours incorporate some level of outdoor activity, they are not without inherent risks. Participants who want to accompany nomads in their semi-annual migration have to be in good physical shape. Regular exercise, as well as hiking (if possible) well before the date of the tour is encouraged.

Even though physical fitness plays a very important role in your overall enjoyment of this tour, mental preparation is just as vital. You need to keep in mind that during the time that we spend with the nomads, you might be cold, hot, tired, wet, sore and uncomfortable some of time. Our itinerary might get delayed because of weather conditions or a change in the nomads’ plan, or you might not like all the foreign food, or the way you have to dress. Also, during the time with the nomads, we won’t have access to a shower or a civilized toilet for at least 5 days, and this might result in feeling unclean and uncomfortable. Through all of this, preparedness and having a positive attitude are key attributes. Mentally prepare yourself for the challenges that come with wild-camping, and ready yourself in advance. Of course, having said all the possibilities that might annoy you, know that a once-in-a-lifetime adventure awaits if you venture beyond your comfort zone.

The food we serve on our nomadic tours is simple and organic. We usually eat like the nomads do to fully submerge ourselves in the nomadic experience (unless a participant can’t eat the food provided by the nomads). The nomadic diet mostly consists of dairy products such as Dough (a salty dairy drink), Kashk (whey, or the protein in curdled milk) and flat bread, black tea, rice and lentils. Our ability to carry and store large quantities of fresh food is limited, but we always bring a variety of canned food, fruit, pasta and snacks with us. We also share everything we bring with the nomads.

Dietary restrictions are usually easy to accommodate, so please make sure to tell us what you can eat as well as what you can’t eat, and any foods that you might have an allergic reaction to.

Snacks are plenty and we provide 3 meals a day. Snacks include chocolates, nuts, fruits and candy. Bringing a small pack of your own favorite snacks in encouraged, since foreign snacks might not be according to your taste.

Lastly, if you are a smoker, you are free to bring your favorite pack of cigarette stubs, on the condition that you won’t leave any cigarette butts in nature.