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Nomad Odyssey Booklet - Iran Nomad Tours

Exclusive Kuch festival (featured tour)
7 Days / From €695
A truly immersive experience with the most authentic nomads of Iran. This 7-day epic adventure in Mt. Zagros ranges provides a genuine interaction with the nomads for adventure-culture seekers.

Nomadopedia Booklet-Iran Nomad Tours

In love with Nomads’ lifestyle & customs?
14 Days / From €1295
For those who wish to discover the real nomadic life, this 2-week tour with 3 nomadic tribes is the best. First, experience a nomadic odyssey in mighty Mt. Zagros with Bakhtiari nomads, and then experience life with Qashqai nomads & cave dwellers nomads of Maymand.

Treasure of Persia Booklet - Iran Nomad Tours

Visit must-sees + off the beaten village lives
13 Days / From €965
Explore the main highlights of Iran and get a real insight into its rich culture. From Persia heritage sites to amazing nomadic villages in the heart of Zagros and the desert, Treasure of Persia offers something for everyone.

Booklet Authentic Classic Tour

Your 1st time in IRAN? Visit must-sees + Kuch* festival
14 Days / From €1195
Experience nomadic transhumance in jagged peaks and deep valleys of Mt. Zagros. Explore Iran’s pristine desert and best cultural cities in this 14-day adventure-culture tour.

Bakhtiari Culture Booklet - Iran Nomad Tours

Discover Bakhtiari Tribe
3 Days / From €199
Delve into the ancient nomadic culture by a 3-day nomadic tour in 3 remote, picturesque villages beyond magnificent Mt. Zagros. Enjoy the scenic beauty of the historic mountainous villages and get a first-hand account of the settled nomads’ life.

Ski+Kuch Tour booklet- iran nomad tours

Kuch Festival + ski among white rolling clouds and snow-covered valleys.
9 Days / From €792
Begin this 9-day tour with a ski touring in mighty Mt. Zagros ranges where you will see the scenic sceneries of the area. Then, join the nomads’ seasonal migration when they are passing Zagros pastures, and finally visit the unique nomadic villages.