Nomad Market

Authentic. Organic. Handmade.
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Organic Mountain Products

Traditional nomads are known as mountain people, their knowledge about how to use nature sustainably while meeting their needs is the most precious part of their culture. Herbs play an essential role in the mentioned point.

Home Decoration

Turn your home into a real Nomadic haven! Items in this category will give a nice Nomadic feel to your home. They are all handmade by Nomads and are made from natural materials.

Connections Through Thousands Of Miles

Some purchases can also be your special contribution to the development projects of Nomadic communities. Have a look!
Nomad Market

Nomad Market is a special place where you connect with the Nomadic spirit! Be it through cooking your favorite food with Nomadic herbs or using handcrafted Nomadic art pieces at your home. All pieces are handmade by Nomads and they are the main beneficiaries of this page. Experience Nomad lifestyle with us & join the adventure!

How does it work?

It was around three and a half years ago when we, a group of friends, went trekking with a Bakhtiari nomad family. After that, it occurred to us that we can work to stop the imminent extinction of this authentic nomadic lifestyle. So, we got the idea of creating a social business, to kindle a sense of self-esteem in the nomads in a way that they continue their precious lifestyle. In other words, they do not abandon their tents for low-level underpaid jobs in the cities. Read more about us.


All items are custom- and handmade. Nomads will create them according to your orders and preferences in sizes and/or colors. All orders will be shipped within 3 months.

How to order custom-made items:

  1. Choose the item you like
  2. Add it to your cart and head to checkout and payment
  3. For custom- and handmade items, look through different designs, and tell us your preferences (and size if needed) in chat or via email
  4. Your order will be ready and shipped within 3 months
  • If there is any problem or you have any question, get in touch with us via chat or email