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Imagine waking up to the sound of sheep bleating and the clinking of the bells around their neck while the dawn slowly breaks over the wide sky over the rocky Zagros mountain. You breathe in the crisp weather and enjoy a steaming cup of black tea with the nomads under their famous black tents. After breakfast, you put on your hiking boots and get ready for a full day of hiking with the nomads and the herd across the pastures and rushing rivers, under the giant oak trees and through the deep winding valleys.

Nomads’ Odyssey (Kooch)

7 Days

Including Nomads' Odyssey

Nomads’ Odyssey (Kooch)

7 Days
Availability : Apr, May/Sep, Oct
A truly immersive experience with the most authentic nomads of Iran. This epic adventure provides a genuine interaction with nomads.

Authentic + Classic

14 Days
Availability : Apr, May/Sep, Oct
A perfect two-week adventure in the less-traveled roads with the most popular route in Iran.


14 Days
Availability : Apr, May/Sep, Oct
A truly fantastic way to connect with the diverse nomadic culture with 3 nomadic tribes.
Pasargadae; the capital of the Achaemenid Empire, under the starry sky

Exotic Persia

21 Days
Availability : Apr, May/Sep, Oct
Explore the main highlights of Iran; a real insight into its rich heritage, nomadic villages & deserts.
Grand Persia (incl. 22 UNESCO Sites)

Grand Persia (incl. 22 UNESCO Sites)

28 Days
Availability : Apr, May/Sep, Oct
If you're interested in visiting various landscapes & acquiring authentic experiences, then this route calls you over.

Ski Tour+Kooch

10 Days
Availability : April/May
A special tour to explore the mighty valleys of Mt. Zagros & join the nomads' odyssey in their seasonal migration.

Other Tours

Treasure of Persia

13 Days
Availability : All Year
A two-week adventure to explore the Persian Civilization, Iran's classic route & its nomadic life on Zagros.
Iran Southern Island

Southern Seascape

16 Days
Availability : From September to April
Coming to Iran in autumn or winter? The intriguing southern islands & the quintessential coasts are calling you.

Essence of Persia

13 Days
Availability : The whole year
A perfect summer adventure which is the best way to explore the majestic North of Iran in generally hot weather.

Desert Escape

8 Days
Availability : Whole Year (Best Time: Autumn & Winter)
An adventure through a collection of Iran’s most breath-taking desert landscapes including hauntingly beautiful canyons and historic caravanserais

Discovering Bakhtiari Villages

3 Days
Availability : Spring & Summer & Autumn
Delve into the ancient nomadic culture in 3 remote, picturesque nomadic villages. Enjoy the first-hand account of the local's life.


4 Days
Availability : All year
It is just you and the whole beauty of the Zagros landscape in this nomadic cycling tour. Enjoy the real […]

Qashqai Nomads + Horse Riding

5 Days
Availability : April/May/August/September
Enjoying wild sceneries of Zagros Mountains, meeting Qashqai Nomads and horse riding

Mt. Keyno

4 Days
Availability : Spring & Summer & Autumn
Follow the footsteps of the ancient nomads in the adventure hiking of Mt. Keyno & enjoy the panoramic view, Dezpart […]


3 Days & 2 Nights
Availability : Spring & Summer & Autumn


4 Days
Availability : Winter
In this adventure, you will have a short hike in Mt. Zagros to reach the nomads in their pasture, and […]

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