How to keep our travelers and our nomads safe
  • Given the nature of sustainable nomadic life and how isolated they are from big cities and large communities, the nomads have managed to stay safe and corona-free up to now. Our hope is that they remain this way even after traveling resumes.
  • Our travelers (and guides) should take a covid19 test before coming to Iran or a week before going on tour with us, and they should take every precaution to ensure that their negative test result won’t change till the day of the trip.
  • During the road trip from Tehran to the Zagros mountains, everyone should wear a mask. While with the nomads, because of the open air, observing social distancing should be enough to keep both our hosts and our travelers safe from possible infection.
  • Everyone should carry their own personal items such as hand sanitizer, mask, cutlery, water-bottle, and plate all throughout the trip. It’s also a good idea to bring your own hiking gear, especially your own sleeping bag.
  • Be flexible in your itinerary and add a couple of buffer days in case something unpredictable happens. 
  • Call the travel agencies to double-check the traveling regulations regarding international flights, because they can change very quickly.  We will also inform you of the most recent news regarding traveling to Iran.
  • Purchasing travel insurance is more important than ever, in case you might need to see a doctor or quarantine.

Financial Guarantee:

  • If the tour is canceled because of coronavirus-related reasons, we guarantee to give you a full refund of your payment, no questions asked.
  • The coronavirus testing fee (30 euros) should be paid by the traveler