Credit Card for Travelers

For International Credit Cards Holders

Most of the International Travelers in Iran are facing problem dealing with money, as their credit cards (Master Card, Visa Card) are not accepted by any Banks inside Iran. But we have a full solution to avoid any difficulties for our travelers.

We will provide you an Iranian prepaid debit card and you can instantly add funds to your card, in your preferred currency and convert it to Iranian Rial (IRR). This card gives you the option to easily transfer your money from your overseas bank account to your card and get your money back when leaving the country, if you have any balance left on your card.

  • You can register a new account at our affiliate company (MahCard): REGISTER
  • Be advised to use our 20% OFF promo code in order to get a discount to issue your card. After you register your account, in the 3rd step you will be asked to put your promo code: NOMADTOURS