An Odyssey to Where We Belong…


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We started our online market about one year ago just when Covid had first arrived and cancelled our tours. This campaign is the first attemp for the international shipment of organic nomadic products. In addition, in this campaign you can buy your “kooch tour” (Nomads Odyssey) with a huge discount and you’ll have three years to use your reservation. Please check out the draft page of the campaign and give us your suggestions on how to make it better, in case you have any.

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What is Kooch?

Kooch is a Persian word for ‘transhumans’. Nomads of Iran do Kooch (seasonal migration) twice a year. You can go to our blog and learn more about the nomads of Iran.

Do your offer something special more than other travel operators?

Yes! we are specialists in nomadic tours with indigenous people of Iran living in Mt Zagros. Our nomad partners still do Kooch in the traditional way. We observe principles of sustainable eco-tourism in our small group tours in a way that helps preserve the intangible nomadic heritage. You will join the nomads of Iran and have hands-on experience with the nomads who have been living in Mt. Zagros for centuries.

How is this offer possible?

In this social-business, on the one hand, we need ‘community building’ in nomad tribes, and on the other hand, we need ‘business marketing’.
Since the professional backgrounds of the founders go back to local community development projects, we are more improved in that part and lots of nomad partners are ready to work with us. But the marketing of the project still needs more work. We are open sourcing the marketing part so that if you can help us in marketing, you will be paid for it. This would be a win-win collaboration. isn’t it?

What if I have experienced this tour before and just want to be your ambassador?

If you could invite others to join this campaign, you will get your referral marketing rewards.

How can I collaborate with you in this campaign?

We have defined a referral marketing campaign in parallel to the main campaign in which you could promote our campaign and get your rewards or even earn money in response to your marketing endeavor.