Ghasem & Bibi Taj

Bibi Taj and Ghasem live with Ghasem’s parents & brother in one of the most beautiful summer pastures in Mt. Zagros. There are eight of them in the family and when the time of kooch arrives, they all move together. They still follow the authentic tradition of kooch (seasonal transhumance) in one of the nomadic migration pathways which passes through Shimbar, Taraz, Cherry valley and Koohrang.

Setareh is the youngest child who has a strong bond with her father. That’s why when Ghasem comes back to the family after a long day of shepherding, nothing can take Setareh away from him. Arshia & AhmadReza are her oldest brothers who are of great help to their father and spend almost all day with him taking care of the herd, collecting wood, fetching water, etc. Like the other nomads, this family drinks tea a lot, but they usually add a dried lime or some herbs to their tea to quench their thirst.