Hosein & Jahan

A caring father of 9 children, Hosein is a loving husband and a charismatic introvert who doesn’t mind contributing to additional chores other than those he per se is responsible for. His virtuous & responsible character is truly creditable, especially in such demanding settings as the mountains.  

Jahan (literally meaning “the world”), is truly a woman of the world. Brisk & agile, she takes charge of such chores as baking bread(as many as 100 per day), fetching water and collecting firewood. When it comes to making decisions, even those considered to be big & risky, Jahan has a say for sure (sometimes even more than her husband, Hosein) which says a lot about this family’s dynamics. Morteza, the eldest child present in the kooch, is in charge of leading the herd to green pastures & counting them from time to time lest any are missing.  Afsaneh, the 15 year-old daughter of the family, is a graceful girl who helps her mother in sourcing firewood, getting water & caring for the donkeys & horses. She sings traditional songs while churning up the milk & gives a hand to her mother in other chores too. Kianoush, the youngest member of the family, is a wild, free son of nature. Although he’s only 10, his mental age already exceeds his chronological age & his emotional intelligence is admirable. Hosein & Jahan’s other children were not present in the kooch as they were either married or busy with their jobs in the cities.