Khorshid & Tala

Khorshid means “sun” in farsi, and Khorshid truly lives up to his name and brightens up any gathering with his bright personality and easy-going nature. He has an easy laugh and usually you can’t find him in a bad mood. Tala is a hardworking and tenacious woman, even by the nomads’ standards, which is saying something. She is so hardworking that many people praise Khorshid on his good marriage. Tala is also an amazing leading woman, she is starting to step into her role as a wise matron and she is one of the decision makers of the family. Did I mention that she is also an amazing horse rider? Their oldest daughter has married and lives in the city but their second oldest daughter, Zeinab, is unmarried and lives with the family and is in charge of making bread and some household chores. Ziba, another daughter, is old enough to play the mother role to her younger sister, Yasna, and you can usually see her taking care of her and tending to her younger sister. Their Kooch path has a medium difficulty level.