Live Talk with Eva

Instagram Live chat with world class traveler, Eva zu Beck

Hi! We are going to go live on Instagram with Eva zu Beck, adventurer and Vlogger, on September 6th, 3:30 PM GMT. You can ask your questions, both by filling the question box below or on our Instagram stories.

    Who Are We?

    In “Iran Nomad Tours” we organize authentic tours to take you to the most off-the-beaten-track parts of Iran, where you can witness Iran’s indigenous people and experience their lifestyle which is the same way their ancestors did thousands of years ago: surrounded by their animals and nature. Read more about us, here.

    Other Side of IRAN

    Iran has so much to offer! If you visit it once and get a glimpse of it, you’ll likely be planning your next trip to immerse yourself more thoroughly in this culture. “Nomad odyssey” tour package is one of this options. Nothing can explain this tour better than the following video: