Can Americans Visit Iran?

Iran Nomad ToursOtherCan Americans Visit Iran?

Can US citizens travel to Iran?

Is Iran Safe for American Tourists?

In the 5 years of hosting different travelers and taking them on different tours in Iran, a certain question has always been bold and recurrent in the talking stages before any trip: “Is it safe to travel to Iran?” Or “Is it safe or even possible for an American/Canadian/English passport holder to travel to Iran?” and our answer is and has always been YES! It is perfectly safe for any passport holder to travel to Iran. The many American travelers we’ve hosted on our tours can easily testify to Iran’s safety and Iranians’ impressive hospitality even toward Americans.

The visa process for the citizens of the USA, UK, and Canada

American or non-American, just let us know about your plan, have your passport ready, fill out the visa form, and we’ll plan a tour suited for you, based on your personal preferences and wishes. Just let us know, send us your documents and we’ll take care of most of the paperwork for you.

The Documents We Require from the citizens of the USA, UK, and Canada

  • A VISA form
  • A passport photo
  • A detailed job resume/CV
  • Possibly links to your social media profiles/website (if you have one).

NOTE: If you have been to Israel and have an Israeli stamp in your passport dated from the last 2 years, I would get a new passport before applying. Otherwise, you could be denied.

There are in fact only small differences between an American traveler and a non-American one in Travelling to Iran:

  • For the Visa procedure, as an American, you should let us know at least 2 months in advance so we can take care of your visa ASAP.
  • As an American traveler, there must be a tour guide with you throughout your entire trip. Mind you this doesn’t mean that the guide transgresses your privacy or doesn’t leave you alone even a minute. You have your privacy all right. The guide is only a companion in the sight-seeings and outings. And the good news is that the tour guide is probably a member of our own team .
  • To collect your visa, you should  either physically go to an Iranian Embassy anywhere in the world to pick up the actual visa or mail your passport to an Iran Embassy for the same purpose if you are unable to go in person.
  • In the United States, you should collect your visa from Embassy of Pakistan, Interests Section of the Islamic Republic of Iran, 1250 23rd Street NW Suite #200 Washington, DC 20037 (Walk-in hours are by appointment only through Suite #100) Tel: (202)-965-4990
  • Getting a visa extension to stay longer in Iran is not possible for Americans.
  • The exact Iranian Embassy you indicate on your visa form ‘where you want to collect your visa’ can’t be modified. So, think carefully about your EXACT travel dates and where you want to collect the visa before you submit it!

Following is the transcription of our interview with Bill, one of our American travelers:

In general, how was your experience in Iran?

The experience has been amazing. I got to see a vast majority of the country in a short amount of time, but it was amazing going from city to city. I was able to go see the nomads, some of the great historical cities and monuments and all the way down to the south. All around, just a truly amazing experience that most people I would hope to get to experience in their lives.

And if you want to summaries your whole trip in just one word, what would it be?

It has been enlightening, many of the things that I think I thought before I came here have changed and in a very positive way, the people have been amazing. The culture is amazing and I hope that everybody would have an opportunity to come and experience the type of transformation in terms of perception of how you see Iran because it really is a truly awesome country.

If you want to choose just one place or one person that was the most inspiring for you or changed your perspective altogether, what would you say?

I would say that my experience with the nomads has been a really enriching one. It’s something that you don’t get to experience often in your life. I’ve travelled a lot and I’d say that it was one of the most unique experiences that I’ve had. So I think that just seeing the way that they live, the way that they extend hospitality to people who are not within their tribe, but come to visit is truly remarkable and it’s something that everyone hopefully would get to experience.

What about safety in Iran? Is it safe to be in Iran?

Haha, yeah, so my experience has been entirely safe. You know, I come from the United States, a city where some people might actually consider it to be very dangerous. I have not once felt concerned for my safety here. I’ve been well taken care of. People have been extremely hospitable and one of the most interesting things is how genuinely excited people have been to meet someone from the United States! I think that was one of the most surprising things! You know, We come from the United States and often have the perception that maybe we won’t get such a warm welcome here and it’s been entirely the opposite! So I think that just like any travelling, you should always take into consideration your surroundings, but I haven’t felt at all unsafe and I think that that’s been a pleasant surprise.

Glad to hear it
and is there anything you wish would improve in Iran, in the tour, in your experience?

No, I mean I think that every tour needs to sort of take into consideration the people who are coming to experience a country. So everyone has different preferences. My preferences were reflected in the planning of the trip and I thought the entire experience was handled beautifully and everything from where I wanted to see, to the pace I wanted to move at, all of that was taken into consideration which I appreciated, very much so. So I have nothing to complain about, nothing to say to improve. Hopefully, I’ll be able to come back again and experience it more.

Anything you would like to add?

Like I said, if I had to carry a message back to anyone in the United States, in terms of my experience here, it would become an experience for yourself. See what this country is like. I think it’s an amazing country. People are wonderful, and the experience is wonderful. They have amazing places to see and I think that everyone would benefit from experiencing it firsthand and see for themselves. What this country is like because it truly is a great culture.

Thank you

My pleasure

Our experience as a tour operator with American travelers has always been wonderful since we’ve always enjoyed their being positively surprised when coming to Iran and interacting with people, realizing how far their expectations have been from reality. Iranians’ kindness and hospitality have always impressed foreign travelers especially American travelers who come to Iran, prepared for the worst reception but receiving the best.