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Alireza Farhangdust

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Alireza Farhangdust

International Regional Partner | Canada


Alireza was born and raised in Mashhad, Khorasan province on the northeastern of Iran. he got involved with mountain climbing and nature exploration and was fascinated with the awe-inspiring landscapes. He fell in love with it and always regretted that it‘s not being appreciated as it deserves to be. He left Iran to complete his studies in Canada pursuing a Ph.D. in Management Analytics. When he was introduced to the idea of nomad.tours, he immediately showed his interest to be a rather small part of it. He believes that this wonderful idea not only provides the opportunity to everyone in the world to taste the nature of Iran in it’s purest form, but it also enriches and supports the nomads in Iran to hold on to their roots in today’s fast-changing world.


International Regional Partner in Canada

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