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Saba Daftari

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Introduced to global responsible tourism by AIESEC, Saba joined nomad tours, because it was for incoming tourism of Iran and that, has a social entrepreneurship aspect. “Being sure you are making a positive impact is so hard, but that look on nomads’ face when they meet travellers, kind and proud, tired but welcoming, is all I can think of when it’s time to work hard…”

Saba enjoys being creative and using visual materials in businesses and for tourism, it is her passion. She is experienced with graphic design, copywriting, and creating other types of media as content.

Born and grew up in Teheran, Saba has applied mathematics background. She was a part of nomad tours for one year and a half, she then moved to Canada to pursue her master’s degree, she’ll be back and she may be with the team again.


Digital Marketer
International Regional Partner in Canada

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