Sara Hoseingholizadeh

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Sara Hoseingholizadeh

Content Strategist


Hey, I am Sara. 

Always seeking for a meaning in life resulted in quitting engineering and starting psychology. 
Being an independent person, lead me to start working beside my studying. 
Seeking adventures and being in love with nature, resulted in having freelance projects in the tourism field and joining a travel agency company after a while. 
But this is not where it stops, not getting accustomed to a routine life and having social and environmental conflicts made me quit my job and search for a job which is meaningful, interactive, creative, and flexible where you
don’t notice how time passes, 
confront a new challenge every day, 
are welcomed by your new ideas, and 
feel you are doing something more than a job! 
So here I am at Iran Nomad Tours as the Content Manager.

Contact Info

Email : sara.raha [@]