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IRANomad is essentially a social business based on affiliation. Our encounter with the lovely, hospitable nomads in the Zagros mountains and our inclination for affiliating with them, is what inspired us toward our vocation in the first place.
Now, after about 5 years of frequent interactions with the nomads and nomad-loving travellers, we have realised that this tendency of affiliation and collaboration is as significant to us and our social business now as it was 5 years ago. Just as nomadic life is rich with teamwork and cooperation, so must our activities as a social business aiming to empower nomadic communities.
Inspired by nomadic life itself, we decided to accept affiliation projects and welcome collaborative ideas in order to both develop our business and as a result empower the nomads in creative ways! We receive with open arms the nomad enthusiasts who come up with unique ways of collaborative work and win-win plans for such projects.
From photographers, documentary directors, and photojournalists to writers, content creators, and influencers, IRANomad team opens its arms to whomever is willing to exchange ideas and make good use of his/her abilities to benefit all three parties: the nomads, IRANomad team and him/herself.
So if you think that your job or talent is in any way related to nomadism or that you can put it into good use in this area, you are more than welcome to discuss your ideas with us and form an affiliation with us for a good cause. As long as all parties are included in the benefit or profit of the project in one way or another, IRANomad team is inclusive and flexible in its scope of staff and open to affiliation-related discussions.

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