Pirooz & Manije

They live in a house between two nomadic villages. Because of their small children, they can’t do the Kooch in the traditional way. Instead, Manije and the small children go to their next pasture by car and wait for Pirooz to bring the herd of sheep with him. Between their 5 children there is one boy, Mohammad, who at the age of 7 is in charge of taking the sheep to graze when they are settled at the pasture. The two eldest daughters are in charge of bringing the water, and whenever water is needed, they have to ride the donkeys to the nearest village to fetch it. Their third daughter is too small to have official chores yet, and she enjoys coloring color books, playing, and laughing at. Pirooz, the father, is very warm towards newcomers and one of his favorite pastimes is making up riddles for others to solve. He also has a good voice and loves to sing for others.