Date:March 05, 2019
Organizer:Persia Nomad Tours, TAP Persia
Location:Blue-Withe Coworking Space (Isfahan)

A Night With The Nomads


There is no such thing as standing still. Either you are moving backwards, or moving forward. And as society moves forward, diving deeper into the modern age, we must try to preserve those tiny elements of culture that truly makes each people unique. These tiny glimpses into our past, our living bits of history, passed down for literally thousands of years, perfected through countless generations of trial and error, are the backbone of Iranian society, and they deserved to be preserved.


In order to better promote Iran’s unique and ancient culture, Persia Nomad Tours, TAP Persia Travel Services and Keshmoon Products have teamed together to bring you “A Night With The Nomads”. In this afternoon of entertainment, enlightenment and energetic discussion, we hope to better engage you with some of Iran’s last remaining nomadic tribes.


The night’s main event will feature several documentary pieces focusing on the Bakhtiari people, a nomadic tribe whose way of life hasn’t changed much since pre-recorded history. Our program will begin with the Academy Award and Golden Globe-nominated 1976 documentary  “People of the Wind”, followed by Nomad Tours’ very own documentary tracking their 2018 voyage with the same tribe. We will have the chance to explore the simple yet rich world of these untouched migrants.






Blue-White (Iran’s 1st Co-Working Space and TAP Persia’s Iran Office)

Address: No.2, 4th Ally, Ferdowsi St, Isfahan, Iran


Introduction to collaborators:


TAP Persia Travel Services – TAP Persia doesn’t simply make Iran more accessible to travellers from across the globe, they are exporters of Iranian culture. Everything you need from the moment you set foot in Iran, to the moment that you leave, and beyond. TAP Persia has you covered with everything explorers require to dive deep into local Iranian culture, both in Iran and back home.


Persia Nomad Tours – Keeping ancient Iranian traditions and cultures alive through tourism is at the heart of Nomad Tours’ mission. They try and preserve these rich and historic elements through various sustainable and captivating programs such as their Bade Saba instalments. Above all, they want to ensure the continuity of Iran’s most endangered cultures by offering annual migration tours with select nomad groups, following them on their annual Kooch, as they traverse Iran’s rugged terrain.


Keshmoon Products – Keshmoon believes in supporting Iran’s agricultural community by cutting out the middleman, connecting Iran’s hardworking growers directly to the world’s consumers. Started by 5th-generation farmers, they’ve first set out to redefine how we purchase saffron, Iran’s gold-equivalent spice. With personalized stories from each farmer, along with extensive lab tests on each harvest to ensure quality, Keshmoon has revolutionized how we purchase goods.


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