Date:January 27, 2019
Organizer:Persia Nomad Tours
Location:Cafe Tehroon (Tehran)

This week Bade Saba (Saba Wind) blows in Cafe Tehroon!


A cafe that has been formed over the owner’s interest, Alireza AlamNejad, in both culture and city life of old Tehran. 

This week we will gather in this cafe and find more about Nomadic lifestyle of Bakhtiari Tribe in Iran. We will watch the documentary about Kooch (Migration) and talk about what we have experienced over our tours. 

When: Sunday, Jan 27. 7-9 p.m.

Where: Cafe Tehroon

As always Bade Saba is going to be free for everyone but we need a number to make sure that everyone has a pleasant time sitting and watching the movie.


So please send a msg to +989123139034 (Your Name with your request upon attending the event)!


Get a sense over the atmosphere of the cafe here.