Ramezan & Setareh

Ramezan and Setareh’s family, with their 6 children from the age of 3 to 18 are the perfect family for those who want to have the chance to interact with a crowded nomadic family. Every year when the time of migration (kooch) comes they go through a very challenging mountainous route because of how young their family is. Ramezan and Setare are both reserved and introverted people but that doesn’t mean that they are not friendly. They need some time to warm up to you but when they do, you’ll be considered a part of their family.

All family members have chores and responsibilities in a nomadic household. In this family, the only child who is yet carefree, is the 3-year-old daughter, Azita. Azita spends her days happily wandering around the pastures and playing with the animals. She has a special bond with one of the donkeys and she cries every time that she has to part with her favorite pet. The second youngest child, Arqavan, is almost seven and already she is in charge of taking the young lambs to graze in the nearby pastures. A task that is very serious considering her young age and small frame. Besides this task, she is learning how to knead the dough and make bread next to her mother.

During Kooch, the boys take care of moving the herd and Ramezan rides on his horse to and fro the herd, and his wife and daughters to make sure everybody is doing okay. The sight of him on horseback, with his gun slung across his shoulder and galloping through the mountain terrain, is very much the stuff of movies. Ramezan also helps with some of the chores for example preparing Kabab for a meal. The boys all have different personalities and traits. Ashkan is very talkative and friendly and, he is always up for a card game. Mehran likes reading books and whenever there was talk of books, he was mentioned. The oldest son Farshad, at 18, is engaged and soon to be married and, he is studying to get into university. Ferdows, however, is such a serious and thoughtful child. Sometimes he talks about how he likes to explore the city and come back during Kooch to help his family. Accompanying this amazing family on a tour will be nothing short of incredible experiences and cultural exchange.