Authentic + Classic


By purchasing tour “Authentic + Classic”, you’ll have a reservation for a 14-day adventure, where you explore not only the Nomadic lifestyle in migration but also stunning ancient cities like Isfahan, Yazd, Kashan, Tehran & the mysterious desert. You’ll have 3 years to use your reservation.


Here is our special discounted offer to ALL adventurers visiting our Nomad Market Page. By purchasing tour “Authentic + Classic”, You’ll have a reservation for a 14-day trip to explore both Iran and the Nomadic lifestyle. You’ll have 3 years to use your reservation for this tour.

Receive vouchers for an all-expenses-paid “Authentic + Classic” tour, valid for use over the next three years. During this trip tour, you’ll get to live with a nomadic family for 5-7 days and get a hands-on experience of their lifestyle, while accompanying them on their seasonal journey through the valleys and hills of the beautiful Zagros mountains. Moreover, you’ll have the chance to visit some classic sites & the desert. Read the full itinerary of Authentic + Classic.