Bakhtiari Feminine Dress


Sophisticated, bright-colored, with golden lace details and millennia-old history.


Are you searching for a unique “wow” dress for an ethnic party or a party with a modest dress code? Here is the perfect option. Sophisticated, bright-colored, with golden lace details and millennia-old history.

The garb comes in 5 pieces and includes a stunning embroidered knee-length dress called ‘Jove’, Shalwar Gheri or ‘dancing pants’, loose see-through Damaan (‘skirt’) to go over pants, Lachak, a uniquely decorated headscarf peace, and Mayna, a beautiful light veil that goes down your back.

All top layers are embroidered with golden details and have special delicate lace elements. The color of the set is always bright and happy. You can let us know what colors go best for you! And our Nomad partners will make it just perfect.

Sizes: All, custom made

Materials: Silk, Velvet

Color: Various, sewn according to your preference

Occasion: Celebration

Design: Long sleeve, ankle-length

Care: Dry cleaning  or hand wash with gentle shampoo in cold water


All items are custom- and handmade. Nomads will create them according to your orders and preferences in sizes and/or colors. All orders will be shipped within 3 months.

How to order custom-made items:

1. Choose the item you like

2. Add it to your cart and head to checkout and payment

3. For custom- and handmade items, look through different designs, and tell us your preferences (and size if needed) in chat or via email.

4. Your order will be ready and shipped within 3 months

If there is any problem or you have any question, get in touch with us via chat or email.