Shirdang (Tassels Décor)


This handcrafted rug is usually woven from cotton or wool and features colorful vertical stripe patterns that give them a classy and authentic appearance.The price is for 1 meter Shirdang.


Shirdang means decoration from tassels. This unique decor feature has been with Nomads for thousands of years. Nomads have been decorating their black tents with Shirdang for two reasons. First, it’s a lovely way to add color and positivity to your home. And second, Nomads believe Shirdang keeps evil spirits away. When evil powers see the cheerful Shirdang they know that all their mischief will be for nothing in this house, so they move on.

The shape and design of Shirdang depends only on the creativity of its master. Shirdang can be a bold and bright room dividing curtain or a garland for your beautiful balcony. Shirdang can be an optimism-instilling mobile for your baby! It can also be a chick elegant string when made in calm colors. Really, it can serve a variety of decor needs, but always adds the positive natural warmth and fluff.

Let us know which colors you like and which shapes interest you so that Nomadic artists can create a unique Shirdang for you.

Material: 100% sheepskin wool, natural dye

Dimensions: Custom size

Colors: Colorful


All items are custom- and handmade. Nomads will create them according to your orders and preferences in sizes and/or colors. All orders will be shipped within 3 months.

How to order custom-made items:

1. Choose the item you like

2. Add it to your cart and head to checkout and payment

3. For custom- and handmade items, look through different designs, and tell us your preferences (and size if needed) in chat or via email.

4. Your order will be ready and shipped within 3 months

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