Soltan Mohammad & his two wives (Daa and Sara)

Soltan Mohammad and his family live in a vast pasture in their brick house, which makes it easier for surviving the cold winters. Besides having donkeys and sheep which are the pillars of a nomadic life in the mountains, they also have horses and cows, and every morning each member of the household knows their chores with the animals. He has 10 children from his two wives and in our time with them, one of their daughters made a doll for us, with stones and sticks and pieces of fabrics.
‘Toward the end of the autumn and beginning of the winter of 2019 , we travelled to the beautiful site where Soltan Mohammad and his large family were settled. It wasn’t Kooch time anymore, but we were lucky enough to stay with these hospitable nomads in their winter pasture for a while and experience the authentic, nomadic life, far from the chaotic rigidity of city life. From the morning routines and meal preparations to the herding of animals and night reunions around the fire in that cold weather, every activity was most refreshing. My taste buds still rejoice at the thought of the oaks that we cooked on the fire and ate with an unprecedented appetite. Toward the end of our journey, we visited a nomadic school and were given the loveliest send off by the children’s sweet smiles and innocent invitations of another visit.’