Tarazoo & Shirin

Tarazoo, with his warm hazel eyes and peppered gray mustache, is the perfect warm-tempered and patient host you can imagine. He is very kind and he will smile and answer any questions you have about nomadic life, always glad to communicate. His wife, Shirin, is a quiet woman and takes some time to warm up to, but when you do, she’s just as kind and supportive as any other nomadic woman and she will treat you like her own son/daughter. Tarzoo in farsi means “scale” and there is an interesting story behind the reason of his name. The nomads believe in omens and rituals, so when Tarazoo was born sickly and weak, his family put him on one side of the scale and on the other side they put a handful of soil. Then, they buried the soil in the hope that their son lives, and since he lived, they named him for the scale, thus “Tarazoo”.