4 Days
Availability : Winter
Tehran Mehrabad Airport
Min Age : +5
Max People : 8

Living a nomadic life, with all its challenges, can be the most satisfying experience and the most rewarding memory. That’s what this tour is all about. To live a different life and gain new perspectives on life. We will first visit the ruins of a holy city in Shushtar (Tchogha Zanbil) which is the first Iranian site inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1979. Then, we will experience a nomadic life and spend a night in a tent under a starry sky, taste local food and enjoy the fascinating landscape of the Zagros Mountains. We’ll also walk through the 10000-year nomadic path beside the famous Karoon river.

Tour Overview

What you will experience with us

Day-by-Day Summary

Day 1: Shushtar
Day 2: Reaching the nomads in the Mt. Zagros
Day 3: Nomadic life, Shimbar Lake
Day 4: Dezpart Steps, Isfahan


● Experiencing the nomadic life with Bakhtiari Nomads in the Zagros mountains
● Learning about their ancient culture, stories & legends.
● Enjoying the breathtaking beauty of Mt. Zagros
● Visiting local/nomadic villages & the ancient nomadic route in Dezpart Steps


Day by Day Plan

Day 1Shushtar

● Karoon River
● Shush
● Tchogha-Zanbil
● Mostofi House
● Shushtar’s historical watermills
We will fly to Ahvaz in the early morning. We’ll pay a short visit to the Karoon River, Shush, and Tchogha-Zanbil (a ziggurat of the Elamite era). In the afternoon, we’ll shortly visit Shushtar’s historical watermills. Lunch will be served in the traditional Mostofi Museum and Restaurant and the night’s stay will be in Shushtar.

Day 2Reaching the Nomads

● Bakhtiari Nomads in the Zagros Mountains
● Nomadic Life
After a healthy nomadic breakfast, we’ll start our 3-hour hike. We’ll reach the nomads in their pasture and experience nomadic life with them. We’ll talk to them to know more about their ancient culture, history, and heritage. We’ll follow the father of the family and his son shepherding the herd of livestock, making nomadic Tiri bread and milking the goats after the mother of the family shows us how to do it. At night, we can either sleep in nomads’ black tents or our own.

Day 3Nomadic Life

● Zagros Mountains
● Once-in-a-Lifetime Nomadic Experience
● Shimbar Lake
In the early morning, we’ll follow the herd into the pasture. It’s an opportunity for learning a new thing or two about shepherding. Watching the animals graze, the sound of their bells ringing in our ears, listening to nomadic songs, and watching the beautiful sunrise on the Zagros mountain ranges are once-in-a-lifetime experiences of this day. After lunch, we’ll say goodbye to the nomads and drive to Shimbar Lake to enjoy the amazing scenery of the area. For the night, we’ll camp by the Shimbar lake.

Day 4Dezpart / Isfahan

● Dezpart Steps
● Khoda Afarin Bridge
● Isfahan
On our last day, we’ll pay a visit to the Khoda Afarin Bridge and Dezpart Steps. Dezpart steps (paths) have been used by the nomads of the area for thousands of years and hence have historical significance. Finally, we’ll drive to Isfahan.

Include & Exclude

  • 4 Breakfasts, 4 Lunches, 3 Dinners
  • Travel insurance
  • Internal Flights
  • 3 Nights’ Accommodations
  • Gear Rental
    *All camping gear are rented
  • Both International Arrival and Departure Transfers are excluded.
  • International Flights
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