Qashqai Nomads + Horse Riding

5 Days
Availability : April/May/August/September
Min Age : 16
Max People : 8

Feel like the prince of Persia while horse riding in the central part of Iran with a bonus adventure of visiting the Qashqai nomads who are famous for breeding DareShori horses. In this five-day adventure, you’ll get to see a mix of sceneries such as the serene wild pistachio woodlands, mysterious deserts, and green pastures. You will get to meet Qashqai nomads who are the second largest group of nomads in Iran, and you’ll get to socialize with them and learn more about how they live an independent life in nature.

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Tour Overview

What you will experience with us

Day-by-Day Summary

Day 1: Starting from Isfahan / Komehr Village / Margoon
Day 2: Horse Riding to Qashqai Nomads
Day 3: Horse Riding in Wild Pistachio Forest
Day 4: Saying Goodbye to the Nomads / Kore River
Day 5: Horse Riding among the Dunes / Tang-e Boragh / Shiraz


● Riding Persian horses & enjoying central Iran’s breathtaking scenery
● Living a nomadic life with Qashqai Nomads
● Getting acquainted with the nomads’ culture & history
● Camping with the nomads in their pastures and sleeping under the stars

Places Visited

Komehr Village / Maregoon / Siv Khalaj / Wild Pistachio Woodlands / Kore River / Jamal Beyg / Tang-e Boragh / Shiraz


Camping / Horse Riding

Activity Level

Challenging (10/10)


Day by Day Plan

Day 1Starting from Isfahan / Komehr Village

Early in the morning we will depart from Isfahan and drive to Komehr village. After 5 hours driving from Isfahan, we will arrive at Komehr village. Depending on the season, we will have our lunch either in the skirts of mount Dena or Sisakht village – Then, we will go to Margoon, a beautiful grand waterfall with a height of 70 meters. In the evening, we will spend 2 hours getting to know the horses and riding them around. For the night, we stay in a cozy village house in Komeher village.

Day 2Siv Khalaj / Qashqai Nomads

In the morning after about 5 hours of horse riding we will reach Siv Khalaj and the nomadic tent belonging to our host. We will then get to feast on a traditional nomadic dish, called “Lay Polo” which consists of seared pieces of lamb/chicken cooked inside a pot of rice and lentils. We will set up our tent next to the nomads and camp in their pasture.

Day 3Horse Riding in Wild Pistachio Woodlands / Qashqai Nomads

In the morning we will have breakfast with the nomads and then ride our horses to Baneh (wild pistachio) woodlands. We will return to our camp site near the nomads.

Day 4Saying Goodbye to the Nomads / Kore River

In the morning, we will leave the nomads and ride the horses to Esfian. We will have lunch in Esfian and then ride toward the Kore river. At night, we will camp by the river.

Day 5Horse Riding among the Dunes / Jamal Beyg / Tang-e Boragh / Shiraz

In the morning we will ride the horses for 5 hours in the surrounding area and enjoy watching the sun come up. Afterwards, we will ride towards Jamal Beyg village and have lunch there and ride to Tang-e Boraq. Tang-e Boraq is an amazing valley with a rushing river and a canopy of trees tucked between the mountains of the Fars region. It is the perfect destination to go for a dip in the turquoise water and for the horses to drink and cool down. After visiting this valley, it is time to say goodbye to the horses and drive for three hours until we get to Shiraz.

Include & Exclude

  • 5 Breakfasts, 5 Lunches, 5 Dinners
  • 4 Nights Accommodations
    • 1 Night Village House
    • 3 Nights ‌Camp
  •  Entrance Fee
  • Both International Arrival and Departure Transfers are excluded.
  • International Flights

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