Sand, Sun, Sea

7 Days
Availability : Apr-May / Aug-Sep-Oct
Min Age : 8
Max People : 4

Want to get the most of your tour in Iran within just a week? Perhaps, this 8-day adventure is just what you need! In essence, you will cross Iran’s distinct natural and cultural areas. You will immerse in a desert way of life for 3 glorious days, see the extraordinary sights of Isfahan and Tehran, explore treks of mountain tops in the North, and wander the shore of the Caspian Sea.
The Sea, the Desert, the Historical Magnificence, the Cool Mountains, and the Wild Forests are the special ingredients of the quest that will recharge your body and adventurous spirit.

Tour Overview

What you will experience with us

Day-by-Day Summary

Day 1: Isfahan
Day 2: Mesr Desert
Day 3: Mesr Desert
Day 4: Mesr Desert
Day 5: Mountain / Sea / Forest
Day 6: Caspian Sea

Day 7: Tehran
Day 8: Departure


● Camel riding in Mesr desert
● Get a Taste of four different climates
● Camp in desert & experience desert lifestyle
● Experience the pristine nature of Iran
● Visit the main cultural sites where you will find yourself among unique Persian culture & architecture

Places Visited

Esfahan / Naghshe Jahan Square in Isfahan, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque / Shah Mosque / Ali Qapu / Chehel Sotoun Palace / Si-o-se Pol Bridge / Khaju Bridge / Atiq Mosque / Vank Church / Mesr Village & Desrt / Caspian Sea / Alborz Mountain Ranges / Forest / Golestan Palace / Tehran Grand Bazaar / Milad Tower / Saadabad Palace / Melli Garden / Jewelry Museum


Walking / Hiking / Camping / Anthropology Sites / Camel Riding

Activity Level

Half Challenging / Half Relaxed

Words are incapable of describing such a fantastic experience;

To get a better sense, watch this short video:


Day by Day Plan

Day 1Isfahan

We will start our adventure in Isfahan, the magnificent city known as ‘Half of the World’. You will visit the famous must-see places, such as Naghshe Jahan Square which holds Ali Qapu Palace, Imam Mosque, and Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque. Then you will have some time to catch your breath from all the splendor and have a most delicious Persian meal, before exploring the gorgeous Chehel Sotoun Palace, Si-o-Se Pol Bridge, and Khaju Bridge. You will stay in one of Isfahan’s best 4-star historical hotels.

Day 2Camel Riding in Desert

You will start this day with a hearty breakfast in a 4-star hotel and leave Isfahan for Mesr (‘Egypt’) Desert. This day’s main goal is to reach the beautiful Mesr village located in the very heart of the great desert and have a fun experience doing two hours of camel riding. While you are at it, you will be enjoying the views of the mysterious Salt Lake, as well as palm tree gardens, small desert villages, and canebrakes. When you reach today’s final destination, you will meet locals and have mother-cooked meals in authentic Shenzar Guest House. We will spend the night by the fire there, conversing with people of the desert and sharing stories.

Day 3In the Heart of Desert

First, you will have a fine breakfast to get energy for today’s activities. We will leave the village behind and start exploring the extraordinary vastness of the Mesr desert, walking on soft and warm sands with a professional local guide. You will be able to fully immerse in the experience, sliding down, rolling over the hills, taking off your shoes. Tonight, we will stay in a camp set up in a picturesque location by our support team for you.

Day 4Sunrise Paints the Desert Sky

While out in the desert, you will experience a true and unique connection to the place, leaving you void of any past worries. Starting your day with watching the Sun rising over the sand dunes is mesmerizing, it’s a colorful event, energizing you for the whole day of desert adventures. In the evening, as the sun slowly sets, the sand dunes resemble a magnificent wavy sea. As the night arrives, millions of stars rise, and lying on your back watching the stunning sky is the experience that will never let go of you. For the night, we will be in the Guest House.

Day 5Caspian Sea

After meeting one more sunrise in the wild and having breakfast in our camp, we will come back to Shenzar Guest House, giving you some time to get ready before setting out North. Today, from the heart of the desert we go to the North, and we will see mountains, forests & sea. We have about 8-hour driving to our destination. For the night, we are by the Caspian sea.

Day 6 Forest

We will start the morning of the sixth day by the refreshing Caspian Sea and continue our journey with exciting forest trekking going up the mountains. For the night, depending on the weather, we will stay either at a forest camp in Opert, or Palangdare. Actually, in the summer we can even camp on top of the mountain that serves as a natural dam between green and dry land!

Day 7 Tehran

Your morning will start in the cool forest climate. Some people believe that the excellent forest weather whets one’s appetite. So, we will prepare a memorable and delicious breakfast for you. On the seventh day, you will be going to the vibrant Tehran, the capital of Iran. We hope to visit some of the spectacular Tehran gems, such as Golestan Palace, Tehran Grand Bazaar, Milad Tower, Saadabad Palace, Melli Garden, Jewelry Museum – it depends on your preference! And, of course, we will have a very famous crispy rice dish, Tahchin, in one of the old well-known restaurants in the bazaar.

Day 8 Departure

Include & Exclude

  • 8 Breakfasts, 8 Lunches, 7 Dinners
  • 7 Nights Accommodations
    • 2 Nights Eco Lodge
    • 2 Nights Camping
    • 3 Nights ‌Hotels
  • Local Tour Guide
  • Transportation & Pick-ups
  • Camping Facilities
  • 2 Hours Camel Riding
  • Travel insurance
  •  Entrance Fee
  • International Flights

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