Ski Tour+Kooch

10 Days
Availability : April/May
Min Age : 15
Max People : 4

Unadultrated Ski Tour in Iran; Of all natural sceneries in Iran, mountains are even of surpassing beauty especially when it comes to Damavand and Zagros. Countless adventurous possibilities for challenging Ski tours await you where you can experience skiing among white rolling clouds and snow-covered valleys.

Tour Overview

What you will experience with us

Day-by-Day Summary

Day 1: Transfer to Koohrang
Day 2: Ski Tour in Samsami Region
Day 3: Ski Tour in Shah-Mansuri Region
Day 4: Ski Tour in Gardane-Cheri Region
Day 5: Drive to Lebd Village / Meet the nomad family
Day 6: Kooch
Day 7: Kooch
Day 8: Kooch / Zerk Village / Khoye Village
Day 9: Sar Agha Seyyed Village/ Isfahan
Day 10: Departure


• Experience Nomads Transhumance on Mt. Zagros.
• Sky Touring on Zagros mountain ranges.
• Learn about ‘nomadic culture’.
• Visit nomadic villages & learn about their handicrafts.

Places Visited

Salt Mines / Koohrang Waterfall / Mt. Zagros / Nomadic Villages


Walking / Hiking / Camping / Anthropology Sites / Ski Touring

Activity Level

All Levels of Difficulty


Day by Day Plan

Day 1Tehran to Koohrang

We pick you up from your hotel and drive to Koohrang. On our way, we will go to Koohrang waterfall. For the night, we will stay in a local guesthouse to get prepared for the next 3 days ski touring. Here our expert ski guide joins us and we will go through our equipment and day’s plan.

Day 2Ski Tour in Samsami Region

Today, after a short drive, we’ll reach Samsami. Then, taking our backpacks, we’ll climb up the mountain to have our 8-10 hours ski touring in the pristine landscape. Before retiring for the night in a local guesthouse, we will have a healthy local food.

Day 3Ski Tour in Shah-Mansuri Region

Early in the morning, we will drive to Shah-Mansuri. Today again we will have an 8-hour-ski-touring. When we reach, we will be rewarded with a scenic beauty of the view. For the night, we stay in a local house with delicious local food and a fantastic view.

Day 4Ski Tour in Gardane-Cheri Region

After a short drive in the morning, we will reach Gardane-Cheri. Like yesterday, we will enjoy our ski touring on mighty mountains and panoramic views. Then we will relax in a local house.

Day 5Join a Nomad Family in Lebd Village

After breakfast, we drive to Lebd village which is a nomadic village close to the ancient nomadic rout. Now it is time to join a nomad family who is in the middle of their seasonal migration (transhumance) in magnificent Mt. Zagros. For the night, we camp with the nomads getting ready for our next day adventure. We can also sleep under the stars.

Day 6 & 7Nomads' Odyssey

Today is the day of migration. Nomads’ day begins at sunrise. When we are with the nomads, we align ourselves to their lifestyle and their routines; which is going to sleep by sunset and wake up by sunrise. After a hearty breakfast which is typically their dairy products, bread made by oak flour and most importantly gi oil which they make it out of butter, the nomads start packing the mules. Then, our ‘Odyssey’ begins. We follow the nomads to accompany them in the unique experience of nomadic life. Sometimes we accompany the families, and sometimes the herd. But all day long, we can hear sounds of a thousand bells and hooves beating on the ground. We also have the chance of enjoying the scenic sceneries of the west of Iran. In the evening, we camp with the nomads somewhere in magnificent Zagros Mountain ranges.

Day 8End of Odyssey / Visit Chin & Khoye Village

Today is our last day with the nomads. After some more hours of hiking, we reach Zerk village, where we are going to say goodbye to the nomads. Here our car awaits us. Then, we will drive to two more nomadic villages. For the night, we stay in a cozy village house in Khoye village which is an organic village surrounded by mountains and beautiful green gardens. There is also a small museum in the village where we can learn more about the nomadic lifestyle.

Day 9Sar Aqa Seyed Village

After breakfast, we leave the village to go to the next nomadic village; Sar Aqa Seyyed, the layered nomadic village. Here, we have the chance of visiting the ancient ‘salt mines’ & ‘waterfall’. At night we will be in Isfahan.

Day 10Departure

Today is the departure day. After a hearty breakfast, we leave Isfahan to go to Tehran. After lunch, we will say goodbye.

* Depending on the weather conditions, the route & the peaks of the sky tour may vary.

* In the event of adverse weather conditions, tours may be canceled for safety reasons.

* Any practical suggestions from clients would be welcome.

Tour Details

  • 9 Breakfasts, 10 Lunches, 9 Dinners
  • 9 Nights’ Accommodations
    • 5 Nights Local House
    • 3 Nights Bohun (Black Tent of Bakhtiaries)
    • 1 Night Hotel
  • domestic Flights
  • Travel Insurance
  • Both International Arrival and Departure Transfers are excluded.
  • International Flights

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