Southern Seascape

16 Days
Availability : From September to April
Min Age : 10
Max People : 8

Explore the majestic Southern coastal areas of Iran on a 16-day tour and visit the enchanting islands while enjoying the breathtaking sceneries of the pristine nature of Iran. Experience the sparkling blue water of the Persian Gulf and camp by the sea. You have ample time for relaxing at the beaches or socializing with the locals and trying the versatile seafood dishes that are local to this region. You also have the chance to visit one of the main nomadic tribes in Iran.

Tour Overview

What you will experience with us

Day-by-Day Summary

Day 1: Fly Abadan / Sarakhiye
Day 2: Genaveh / Qashqai Nomads
Day 3: Bushehr
Day 4: Siraf Port / Jashak Salt Dome
Day 5: Asaluye / Banood coast
Day 6: Parsian Beach / Kong Port
Day 7: Qeshm Island / Laft
Day 8: Chahkooh Valley / Hengam Island
Day 9: Qeshm Island / Stars Valley
Day 10: Hormuz
Day 11: Bandar-Abbas / Jask
Day 12: Darak Sand Beach / Tang Village
Day 13: Chabahar
Day 14: Lipar Pink Lake / Beris Port
Day 15: Pasabandar / Fly to Tehran
Day 16: Departure


• Visit quintessential coastal villages
• Get a taste of Iranian, Baluchi and Arabic seafood
• Explore Qeshm and Hormoz Islands.
• Enjoy Makran coastal range
• Camp by the Persian Gulf and Oman sea
• Take a thrilling excursion to Jask Salt Dome
• Boat ride in Sarakhiye; Venice of Iran
• Visit the fishing ports

Places Visited

Abadan / Sarakhiye / Genaveh port / Qashqai Nomad / Bushehr / Bushehr old town / Jashak Salt Dome / Kaluts / Siraf port / Asaluye oil fields / Cheshme kalat valley / Banud beach / Lavan island / Qeshm island / mangroves of Qeshm / Laft / Chahkooh valley / Salt cave of Qeshm / Hengam island / Khamasi beach / Stars valley / Hormuz Island / Statues valley / Rainbow valley / Silence valley / Red beach / White beach / Turtles beach / Portuguese castle / Bandar-Abbas / Fish bazar / Jask / Darak beach / Tang beach / Tang mud-volcano / Konarak / Chabahar / Lipar pink lake / Martian mountains / Beris port / Beris rocky beach / Pasabandar port


Walking / Hiking / Camping / Visiting historical and cultural Sites

Activity Level

Relaxing / Challenging


Day by Day Plan

Day 1Arrive Abadan / Explore Venice of Iran

Fly to Abadan with the first flight in the morning. We go for a stroll in the city and its ancient bazaar where we try a traditional spicy snack; ‘Falafel’ which is the famous dish of Abadan. The rest of the day we are free to explore Sarakhie village which is called ‘Venice of Iran’ and enjoy the captivating charm of the village.

Day 2Genaveh / Qashqai Nomads

On the morning of the second day, we move to 15500-year-old Genaveh port where we can truly appreciate the tall palm trees, old bazaar, castles, boat riding, and its amazing wildlife. After that, we have the chance of staying with the Qashqai Nomads for the night. Living a nomadic life would be quite adventurous as well.

Day 3Bushehr

After our hearty breakfast with the nomads, we will drive to Bushehr. Walking around the old city of Bushehr, having a drink in Haj Raees café, and witnessing the traditional music and night culture of this seaside town is an incredibly heartwarming experience.

Day 4 Jashak Salt Dome / Kalouts / Siraf

This morning we head to awe-inspiring Jashak Salt Dome where you can enjoy one of the most alien and beautiful sceneries ever. On our way, we would stop by the Kalouts close to the seashore to have a memorable hiking experience in the breathtaking valleys. Then we’ll reach Siraf port which is one of the oldest ports of Iran.

Day 5Asalouye / Banood

Today, we move to Asalouye, one of the beautiful cities of Bushehr, where gas & oil are produced. We’ll visit Kalat spring, and then we’ll camp in the most beautiful village of Asalouye; Banood seashore. We will have a relaxing day by the Persian Gulf.

Day 6 Lavan / Hendurabi / Kong Port

Today, we will be lucky to wake up in the morning to the loud sounds of waves crashing on the shore. After making breakfast and devouring it, we will say goodbye to our tranquil retreat to continue farther along the picturesque coastline. If we can get permission, we’ll visit Lavan, Hendurabi and Shidvar islands of the Persian Gulf and camp in Kong Port.

Day 7Qeshm Island / Mangrove forests / Loft Village

We will fo farther to the east by getting on a ferry to reach Qeshm Island; the biggest island in Iran, where we will visit the Mangrove forests or Hara forests. For the night, we’ll be in the historic village of Loft enjoying the sunset over Loft beach while we are sitting among the old local boats. The remainder of the day, we are free to talk to the locals or wander around the beach. Days at the beach are the perfect opportunities to relax.

Day 8Chahkooh Canyon / Namakdan Salt Cave / Hengam Island

Chahkooh Canyon is our first destination. It is well-known for its ancient wells and the cavities in every shape and form adorning its walls. Then, we’ll go to Namakdan Salt Cave to see one of the longest salt caves in the world. In the afternoon, we’ll go to Hengam Island by boat. For the night, we’ll camp in one of the most beautiful seashores of Qeshm: Khamasi seashore. Here on this beautiful isolated island, you may find the chance to witness the presence of Phytoplanktons by the tiny sparkling lights they make when the waves crash on the shore.

Day 9Qeshm Island / Naz Island

Today, after breakfast, we will go back to Qeshm Island to go to a 2-million-year-old Stars valley. This geological phenomenon is the only geopark in the Middle East and it is a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. We’ll walk between the walls, and listen to the mysterious mythical sounds of the valley. Then we’ll do a city tour of Qeshm. For the night, we will stay in a hotel. On our way to Qeshm, we’ll visit Naz islands where you can try camel riding.

Day 10 Hormuz Island

With the first ferry in the morning, we will go to Hormuz Island which is also called Rainbow Island because of its wide-ranging sand colors; white, red, yellow, brown, green, orange, beige, light turquoise, and gold. This amazing photogenic natural sight is awe-inspiring, especially at sunsets. Here the locals use the soil of the island as a kind of spice. So, we have a chance of trying their special cuisine.

Day 11Bandar Abbas / Bandar-e-Jask

After breakfast, we take a walk in Hormuz village, a visit to an old village like a journey through time. For lunch, we will be in Bandar Abbas. There you can stroll through Iran’s biggest fish market. Then we’ll move to Bandar-e-Jask.

Day 12Baluchi People / Darak / Gel-Afshan / Tang Beach

Today, we will go farther east, to go to the most hospitable people of Iran: Baluchi people. We’ll go to Darak seashore where desert & sea meet (the sandhills meet Oman sea). It is also where the sea of Oman reaches the Indian Ocean. The mysterious mud volcano, Gel-Afshan is our next destination. For the night, we will camp in Tang beach where the natural view is amazing.

Day 13Konarak / Chabahar

We will continue to Konarak, the fishing port, where we have a chance of visiting the fishermen and anchored ships. We will also go around the Tanakora market. After lunch, we go to Chabahar and visit the rocky seashores of Darya Bozorg (Big Sea Coast) where the waves can reach as high as 15 meters when they meet the cliffs. For the night, we stay in a hotel.

Day 14Beris / Lipar Lake

We continue to reach Beris; a must-see, sun-kissed beach in Iran. We would never forget the moments of tranquility we are going to experience when we are sitting on the cliff watching hundreds of ships and the sunset. One of the best sceneries ever. We will also visit the pink Lipar lake and move through the Martian mountains.

Day 15Pasabandar / Goatr Gulf / Oman Sea

Today, we leave Beris to go to Pasabandar and Goatr gulf which is the last town on Iran’s Coastline. We will see the fishermen coming back from the sea where they spent the whole day fishing. Then we will go to the Oman sea by boat. After lunch, we will go back to Chabahar.

Day 16Departure

Fly to Tehran.

Include & Exclude

  • 15 Breakfasts, 16 Lunches, 15 Dinners
  • 15 Nights’ Accommodations
    • 2 Nights Ecolodge
    • 3 Nights Hotel
    • 3 Nights Hostel
    • 6 Nights Camping
    • 1 Night Bohun (Black Tent of Bakhtiaries)
  • Entrance Fee
  • Domestic Flights
  • Travel Insurance
  • Both International Arrival and Departure Transfers are excluded.
  • International Flights
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