Treasure Of Persia Tour - Iran Nomad Tours

You have a 13-day tour package taking you through main cultural cities of Iran plus less touristy attractions and rural districts. Visiting the authentic Nomads of Iran & living a nomadic life for some days can be quite fascinating. In this trip, we provide three main benefits: 1-cultural exchange with people 2- Hiking in the astonishing nature 3-Visiting Great Historical Spots.

With so many different destinations in Iran to choose from, narrowing down our options would be a great help. Here in this package, apart from the main cultural cities of Iran, we meet rare ethnic groups of Nomads. What we look for is discovering infrequently visited areas & genuine nomad people. For the most-known cities, an exclusive, rare itineraries are provided. For the nomadic areas, we have a unique itinerary both to visit the indigenous people of Iran & magnificent Mt. Zagros ranges. Cultural exchange, exploration, unique adventures, and any advent nature journey are at the heart of our passion.