Yaghoob & Mahnaz

Yaghoob and Mahnaz live in the village of Khoye. An idyllic and remote green village, nestled in the mountains and the perfect place to go if you’re in need of some nature meditation, ultra-organic food and great hospitality. Yaghoob’s heritage is nomadic but they have chosen to stay at their home in Khoye and not do the semi-annual migration. Mahnaz weaves beautiful carpets and she has the carpet loom in her front porch. When we want to take people on a handy crafts tour to show them how rugs are made in Iran, we take them to homes such as this one, where they can witness this process first hand and even buy from the carpets. This village is also known for the many peach, plum and apricot orchards. Whatever you’ll eat in this home -such as apricot soup- is locally grown and produced and incorporates many wild herbs from the mountains. Mahnaz and Yaghoob have cows and chicken pen, and they have three children, two boys: Yusof and Benyamin, and a girl: Hajar. The boys are always enthusiastic to show you around the village and Hajar will show you how to work the threads into an intricate carpet pattern without having a pre-made sketch and only by heart. Khoye is also home to the oldest Iranian man alive, at a whopping 134 years of age. Which is not that surprising considering the 100% organic lifestyle and clean air and water of this nomadic village.