All You Should Know About Wellness Tourism

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Recently, the wellness industry has expanded into the tourism industry. Wellness Tourism is a new trend in tourism where people can get a chance to reconnect with nature and their inner souls. In this article, we will first define wellness tourism. Then we will be focusing on its features and top destination in this industry. In the end, we talk about wellness tourism in Iran.

What is Wellness Tourism?

Have you ever get tired of travels in which you run around so much to get the best out of your travel? Do you almost need a “vacation from your vacation” after your travel? Have you ever wished for a journey in which you can relax and put some time focusing on your mind and mental health? Well, it sounds quite rejuvenating and energizing.

GWI (Global Wellness Institute) defines wellness tourism as

travel associated with the pursuit of maintaining or enhancing one’s personal wellbeing.

Since there are many reasons people travel for –nature, food, culture, etc.- the recent wellness tours have become pretty popular among tourists. People choose to go to places away from the hustle and bustle of the city lives to find a retreat destination where they can rest their body, soul, and mind for a while.

The experiences include healing practices, plants & forests, spiritual rituals, medicinal mud, and experience local tradition, culture, and history. The beauty of these tours is that each destination provides a specific and unique experience. It can be suitable for various tastes like outdoor activity lovers, tranquil environment seekers, and etc.  

What Things Wellness Destinations Offer You?

Since people are seeking for more organic foods and places far from the madding crowd, the wellness tours including yoga practices, long hikes, or nourishment workshops are becoming quite popular. Here are some activities that different wellness destinations bring out:

  • Outdoor activities and nature gateways: Beautiful sceneries, sunshine, fresh air, astonishing trekking trails, and etc. can be unique reasons to attend the wellness tours. 
  • Being active, not passive: Since modern lives bring inactivity, wellness tours get back to activities for the human mind and body. Hiking, running, skiing, SoulCycle, and yoga are some examples.
  • Nutrition awareness: People being concerned about what they eat and what are the effects of their diet is the main purpose in this field. Sugar detoxes and organic foods are some examples to mention.
  • Sleep Enhancement: Many people are having poor sleep quality each day. It definitively effects on their daily performance, focus, and decision making. In such programs, they offer sleep treatments and tips to enhance the poor quality of their sleep.   

Who are Wellness Travellers?

Well, to have a better understanding of these tours, let’s take a look at the GWI description of wellness travellers type:

  1. Primary wellness traveller:  Those travellers whose trip/destination choice is primarily motivated by wellness.
  2. Secondary wellness traveller: Travellers who participate in wellness experiences on any leisure or business trip.

Accordingly, as time passes, secondary wellness travellers ask for tours offered for primary wellness travellers and the wellness tourism will grow as well. 

Due to the Global Wellness Institute, “wellness travellers are very high-spending, high-yield tourists”. As BusinessInsider puts it:

They’re paying $1,400 per night to stay at resorts with on-site therapists and wellness practitioners and dropping more than $5,000 for weekend wellness summits.

As a result, you may think that only wealthy people attend wellness tours. It may sound a pricey trip. It might be true in some cases, but regarding the fact that budget travellers always find their way through any type of travel; So if you travel on a shoestring, do not worry for this as well. There are so many wellness tours at reasonable prices. You just need to put some time searching.

Where are the Most Popular Wellness Destinations?

Some of the wellness tours offer visiting countries like India, Cambodia, Thailand, Japan, England, U.S and islands like Bali. The programs offer local yoga, meditation, empowerment, and daily activities. Here are some famous countries known as wellness destinations: 

  • India: They offer therapeutic and rejuvenating treatment, massages with oil, medicated baths, yoga, meditation, and herbal diets. They offer these lush experiences in different parts of India such as Kerala.
  • Thailand: Thai is quite popular for its professional and unique messages. In Thailand, massage is considered as traditional medicine. It helps to regenerate the body’s structure and restore energy. You can find these massages in cities like Bangkok and islands such as Koh Phangan and Kho Samui.
  • Bali: The famous “Island of the Gods” is a perfect stop for wellness travellers. Tourists can feel refreshed and inspired in Bali.
  •  Japan: Unlike all the modernity in Tokyo, Japan is a traditional retreat destination where you can have peace of mind. There are famous Onsen Town in Japan like Hakone, Beppu, Gero, and Matsuyama.
  • United States: West coast of the United States is also a great destination for peace seekers to enjoy green valleys, astonishing deserts, and canyon views. Sedona vortexes are popular for having special energies which are useful for healing, meditation, and self-exploration.   

The Business of Wellness Tourism

The modernity, city lives, less time dedication to health and sports, and increase of stress and anxiety in recent years lead to a massive increase in people attending wellness tours. As GWI reported U.S, Germany, China, France, and Japan had the most income from wellness tourism.

According to a Global Wellness Institute (GWI) report, wellness tourism has turned into a $639 billion industry. GWI has predicted that it will reach $919 billion by 2022. Which means it is a fast-growing tourism industry.

Difference between Medical and Wellness Tourism

Do not conflate wellness tourism with medical tourism. Unlike medical tourism which offers services for people having a diagnosed disease, in wellness tourism people seek for mental and spiritual retreats where they can develop personal growth and flourish in peace. 

In medical tourism, people are motivated by a desire for lower medical costs, higher qualities, and easier access. On the contrary, people seek for wellness tourism to have a healthy living, prevent disease, reduce stress, and enhance lifestyle.

Iran is pretty famous for medical tourism but surely has so much capacity for growing wellness tourism as well. There are so many untouched places where people can go to spend a peaceful time.

Wellness Tourism in Iran

Although there are so many places and capacities as a suitable wellness destination, people are quite unfamiliar with wellness tourism in Iran. Iran has a great untouched nature which makes it also an ideal place for wellness travellers.

We at Iran Nomad Tours, offer you a hiking retreat where you can wander around in the middle of nowhere and get lost in the pure and authentic lives of nomads. In nomad’s epic migration you will accompany a journey with nomads at which you will empower both mental and physical health.

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