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DateApril 2018
TravelerRedzib Skomo

A Different World!

This spring me and few other friends traveled to hinterlands of Zagros mountain range where we joined a nomadic family of Bakhtiyari tribe on their epic migration (the ‘***kooch***’).

They are one of the last-standing nomads that still exist in the world, and as much we were excited – they were eager to meet us as well! Although first time in Iran, thanks to some lovely Iranian friends, I was privileged to visit the “forgotten people” and have a rather unique experience.

For five days we shared the whole experience with a very hospitable nomadic family. In the morning we were woken up by the song of hundreds of bells, we eat the fresh made bread, drank the purest doogh, hiked through some amazing slopes and valleys of Zagros mountains, crossed the cold Bozoft river, rest beside the camp fire and slept under the clear skies next to the nomads – until the last day, when the family went deeper into the wild.

At first there’s nothing but man, animal, and a vast untamed Nature – but at the other hand, there’s much more to the picture that meets the eye. By going way back, I found myself immersed in a very different world, yet a world with which I was able to relate on a very intimate level. After returning back from this, sort of, pilgrimage, I feel like I am on a much better place.

Traveling souls would found themselves very much at home with the nomads and their herds, so if you are for some “time-traveling” I think you should not miss this chance, because luckily there are still individuals who appreciate and try to preserve this intangible heritage. There are quality oriented and with a strong vision of a long-term and socially responsible enterprise. They would be more than glad to facilitate anybodies desire to try out something different, and to take you on your own personal adventure.

Feel free to search and join them. My sincere recommendations!

 Redzib: LINK

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