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Travelling with ViVi

Iran Nomad ToursstoryTravelling with ViVi
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Bakhtiari Nomad Family
Our Host: Bakhtiari Nomad Family (Father, Mother and their youngest girl)
Nomadic Tent
We slept and ate our meals under this ordinary but beautiful tent
Tour PackageBABA Tour
DateDec 3-5, 2018
TravellerViviana from Spain

Travelling with ViVi

A Very Kind Dentist From Spain

After a long drive in mountainous areas, we reached a beautiful village where we stayed in a cozy cottage. Then, the mules were packed and our lovely hiking over the mountains started. The route passed through beautiful river valleys and at times we came across oak and wild almond trees.
After three hours hiking, we reached our nomad host family. We spent the night in a nomadic tent. So many dazzling stars were shinning in the dark sky, and it was awe-inspiring. Early in the morning, while they were shepherding the flock, we tried to have a first-hand experience of their unique and simple lifestyle.
Bibi Zivar was our next hospitable hostess in Andika village. Nothing like talking to local people can teach us more about cultural traditions. Visiting Negin waterfalls & Dezpat Stairs were our next fantastic adventures. Too lovely for words.

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