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Are you tired of crowded holiday resorts where you can’t have any real experience of local lives? Iran is full of untouched, divergent, serene cultural and natural sites where you can have first-hand experiences. We, in Iran Nomad Tours, offer small-group environmentally friendly tours for those who wish to live a local life not as a visitor, but as a traveler.

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    Travelers FAQ

    I am worried about Iranian Visa

    Don’t worry. We will help you step-by-step to apply for an Iranian visa. It is one of our services just for IRAN Nomad Tours’ travelers. Learn more about Iranian Visa in this blog post.

    Is Iran safe to visit?

    Despite media and political propaganda’s representation, Iran is a very safe country to visit (among the world’s least dangerous countries). You will see how warm and hospitable Iranian are. Please check this post: Is It Safe to Travel To Iran?. You may also want to check this article on Lonely Planet to find our more about how great our country is.

    What is "Kuch"?

    Kuch is a Persian word for ‘transhumans’. Please review the blog post about Kuch to find out more about Kuch. You can also go to our Nomad Blog and learn more about the Nomads of Iran.

    Can we have customized plan for our trip?

    Yes! We offer tailor-made tours for you. Please get in touch using the chat widget or drop us a message. We will get back to you soon and plan a wonderful trip for you.

    Do your offer something special rather than other travel operators?

    Yes! we are specialist in Nomads of Iran and we are partnered with Nomads who still Kuch in traditional way. We observe principles of eco-tourism in our small group tours in a way that helps to preserve the traditions. You will join the indigenous people of Iran and have a hands-on experience with the Nomads who have been living in Mt. Zagros since centuries ago.

    I would like to read comments and stories of your travelers.

    Don’t miss our TripAdvisor Reviews. You are welcome to visit Stories page and read the experience our travelers have had with Iran Nomad Tours during their trips. You can also go to our Blog and learn more about Iran, Nomads of Iran and other useful tips.

    Featured Tour Packages

    Your 1st time in IRAN? Visit must-sees + Kuch festival

    Visit famous cities & join the Nomads’ transhumans festival

    Iran Tour Package 01

    Exclusive Kuch festival (featured tour)

    Even for those who are not a fan of tours, this amazing package is a must

    Iran Tour Package 02

    Visit must-sees + off the beaten village lives

    Suggested if you’re coming out of festival time but want an authentic experience 

    Iran Tour Package 04

    In love with Nomads’ lifestyle & customs?

    Exclusive nomadic tour. Attend 3 different tribes during Kuch festival in Iran

    Iran Tour Package 03